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Lauren Wise

About Lauren Wise

Lauren has been a professional writer and editor for more than 10 years. After graduating from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, she focused on magazine and book editing, and continues to write for publications on a range of topics, including travel, music, food and wind. Her obsessions include vinyl records, the ocean, scotch-tastings, a mean guitar solo, and the feeling of a physical book in her hands – ironic, since she has 400 on her bookshelves and is allergic to paper.

Celebrities with Their Own Publishing Imprints: What it Means for Authors and the Industry

As publishing continues to evolve with e-books, self-publishing, print-on-demand paperbacks, and the constant influx of social media micro-content, it can be hard to keep track of the trends in our industry. The latest one that seems to be springing up […]

Clichéd or Popular: Should You Follow “The Hero’s Journey” in Your Writing?

“The hero’s journey,” also known as the “monomyth,” is, in many opinions, the most popular template for writing fictional stories since the days of historical mythology. Overall, the hero’s journey follows a broad pattern that starts off with a hero/heroine […]

How Much Time Should You Commit to Supporting Fellow Writers?

The indie writing community is rather tightknit, full of people supporting each other in their endeavors. We understand the value of cooperation: feedback leads to better writing, cross-promotion provides free marketing and favorable reviews sell books.

And we generally understand there’s […]

Read This Way to Become a Better Writer

Writers are as much artists as are painters and sculptors. There’s no formula for great writing. Rather, it’s a craft, guided by intuition, emotion and experience.   Practice is, of course, paramount in improving that craft. But so is study. Do […]

Why Should People Buy YOUR Book?

So, you self-published a book. Now, how do you get readers’ attention? Today’s market is glutted with possibilities. How do you get your book in front of potential customers, and how do you then convince them to buy?

The idea to […]