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Since 2009, our experienced writers and editors based in Arizona have provided creative, editorial, marketing, and consulting services to clients all over the United States. Our writers and editors are experts in their field and have been a part of award-winning publishing, editorial, marketing, and design teams. We’re passionate about sharing our clients’ influential, positive stories and messages with society.

Writers’ Retreats: Why You Should Go and Where to Find Them

Midnight Publishing is a Phoenix-based editing, ghostwriting, and marketing company that has made it a goal to assist authors in whatever ways we can to complete their manuscripts and polish them to publication-worthy status. As our blog is all about […]

4 Productivity Tips for the Traveling Writer

Whether you’re headed to a writers’ retreat, author convention, family vacation or a work trip to another state or country, one of the most important skillsets to refine as a writer is the ability to create while traveling. As your […]

4 Ways to Show Your Patriotism This July

July could arguably be the most “American” of all of the United States’ calendar months—it’s a time for water sports, pool parties, bright summer days and balmy summer nights, iced-down Coca Cola straight from the glass bottle and picnic tables […]

Is it Necessary to Be Politically Correct in Your Writing?

Last week we discussed the topic of diversity (find it in our archives here!) and the importance of portraying diverse topics in a sensitive nature that avoids stereotypes and misconceptions. Today we’re exploring the flipside of that: whether to be […]

What is Diversity in Writing and Should You Write It?

In the past seventy years or so, our culture has seen a significant shift from a conservative, religiously influenced viewpoint to a much freer and accepting system that encompasses everything from race and sexuality to relationship styles and gender identity. […]