Author Events

Awareness and Support for September & October Mental Health Initiatives

Next week we are sharing the science-fiction and fantasy author movement and blog campaign, #HoldOnToTheLight, which was organized to raise awareness about mental health issues, PTSD, depression, anxiety, bullying prevention, and other important causes through personal stories from over 100 […]

Charlottesville, VA Attack: What Happened and How to Help

There’s no denying that the political and cultural climates have been rife with controversy, aggression, and dissension for the entirety of this year. On Saturday, August 12, 2017, one of the most disconcerting, heartbreaking events so far occurred when a […]

Hurricane Harvey: Support and Relief Resources

Hitting land in southeast Texas on Friday, August 25, Hurricane Harvey has since ravaged the Houston area with more than 40 inches of rain, with expectations of its continued path including the upper Texas coast and southwestern Louisiana. As of […]

Tempe Public Library’s Summer Writing Events

The writing community in Phoenix and its surrounding cities is incredibly vibrant, and as advocates for local author talent and resources, Midnight Publishing is thrilled! We feel lucky to provide editing and ghostwriting services in the heart of the Southwest […]

Writers’ Retreats: How to Host Your Own

Last week we discussed the importance and usefulness of writers’ retreats in fostering creativity, increasing word counts, and forming valuable social connections with other authors, but what if you envision planning your own? That’s a total possibility, and Midnight Publishing […]