An In-Depth Look at Midnight Publishing’s Editing and Ghostwriting Services

Midnight Publishing is an editing and ghostwriting company based out of Phoenix, Arizona, with prior clients ranging from local entrepreneurs, medical professionals, and actors to cookbook writers, firefighters, and first-time authors in other parts of the country. Whether you’re looking […]

Exploring the “Snowflake Method” of Outlining: Part Two

Last week, Midnight Publishing introduced the Snowflake Method of outlining in our blog post (haven’t read it yet? Find it here in our archives!). Designed and taught by bestselling author and writing expert Randy Ingermanson, this method of outlining takes […]

Exploring the “Snowflake Method” of Outlining: Part One

Last week, Midnight Publishing discussed two of the ways authors can write a book: as a “plotter,” with a prepared outline, or as a “pantser”—writing without any prior planning or notes, by the “seat of one’s pants.” (Haven’t read the […]

Pantsers and Plotters: Should You Outline Your Book or Not?

When it comes to writing a book, there are several different methods to use for getting the words on the page. Depending on your style, the genres you write in, and whether it’s a sequel, your outlining style may change […]

Writing Pitfalls Every Author Must Avoid

A lot of early authors (myself included) make a great many mistakes when beginning the long, exciting, terrifying and notebook-riddled road to writing and publishing prose. This is normal; in fact, it’s good. What’s that age-old saying about “learning from […]