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Start the New Year Right with 50% Off Editing and Writing Packages

The new year is right around the corner, which means the opportunity for a fresh start with your business and writing career. Midnight Publishing has been helping authors and business professionals for almost 10 years to grow their platforms, edit […]

50% Off Holiday Editing and Writing Packages for Businesses

Are you an entrepreneur with a story to tell? A small business looking to redesign your brand and grow your customer base? An expert in your field, with lots of knowledge you want to share? Then Midnight Publishing’s discounted holiday […]

The 5 Most Important Myths and Truths for Hiring an Editor

The opportunity to bring an author’s book to the next level is an exciting journey for both the author and the editor they hire. Smart authors know that, while they may have worked on a manuscript for years, there’s no […]

Five Things A Developmental Editor Does

For those who want an in-depth look at their manuscript by a professional, a developmental edit is a must. Though this option takes a little more time and money, if you’d like to ensure that your fiction (or even non-fiction) […]

Six Things A Copy Editor Takes Care Of

In the past I’ve discussed how important it is to hire an editor to go over your manuscript before you publish, same as a traditional publishing house would do before putting out an author’s book (except that their timeline can […]