An In-Depth Look at Midnight Publishing’s Editing and Ghostwriting Services

Midnight Publishing is an editing and ghostwriting company based out of Phoenix, Arizona, with prior clients ranging from local entrepreneurs, medical professionals, and actors to cookbook writers, firefighters, and first-time authors in other parts of the country. Whether you’re looking […]

What Does the Term “Best Seller” Really Mean Anyway?

Best seller is one of those terms everyone associates with books, but it has such a vague meaning as to be all but useless on its own. Of course, everyone wants a best seller, but what does that really mean, […]

10 Basic Apps That Will Change the Way You Write

A writer’s life may be enjoyable, but it certainly isn’t easy.

We pull the stories we want to tell from our brains, and then have to transfer these stories to written word. Then we have to get other people to read […]

Seven Ways to Recognize Your Memoir’s Theme

Writing your memoir can be a daunting task. Yes, you want to tell your story, and ideally, everyone would find it fascinating. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t always work that way—especially with millions of reading choices out there, and memoirs by […]

10 Ways to Fight Writer’s Block

Writer’s block.

Two poisonous, hateful words for many writers. Some say it doesn’t exist, and some say it plagues them daily, which is why they’ve never gotten beyond the first chapter of something. As an author myself, I can personally say […]