Marketing Your Book

Three Marketing Strategies to Steal from the Kardashians

Two decades ago, the name “Kardashian” was famous for only one reason, and it had nothing to do with fashion and lifestyle branding. Twenty-one years later, things have drastically changed for the Kardashian clan, and as much as it may […]

Pricing Your Books Part 2: How Should You Price Your Self-Published E-Book?

To continue our discussion on pricing when it comes to self-publishing, another important factor to keep in mind (quite possibly the more important one in the digital age) is how to price your self-published e-book. As Midnight Publishing has mentioned, […]

Pricing Your Books Part 1: How Should You Price Your Self-Published Paperback Book?

As an editing, marketing and ghostwriting company based in Phoenix, Arizona, Midnight Publishing has been helping aspiring authors and experts in their field to revise, edit, organize and publish their books for many years (we’ve been trusted with over two […]

Best Independent Bookstores in Arizona

As one of the top professional editing, ghostwriting and marketing companies in Phoenix, Arizona, Midnight Publishing is a huge supporter of local, independent (“indie!”) bookstores in our home state. Independent bookstores are fantastic establishments to support, as they invite a […]

What Amazon’s Brick-and-Mortar Bookstore Plans Might Mean for Indie Authors

As an indie author with a finger on the pulse of the self-publishing world and bookseller industry in general, I was surprised when I received a text from my decades-older father a few days ago:

“Amazon is opening actual bookstores this […]