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The Ghostwriting Process with Midnight Publishing

The term “ghostwriter” is one often rife with confusion and misinterpretation in the writing community for those looking into the service. Midnight Publishing has been offering editing and ghostwriting services from trained professional editors and writers for nearly a decade, […]

Your Author Toolbox: Midnight Publishing’s Must-Have Items for Writing Your Book

Midnight Publishing is a professional and affordable book editing and content editing company based in Phoenix, Arizona, helping authors and businesses all over the world with their words. As a rule of thumb, we always encourage our writer friends and […]

Writing Mistakes to Avoid, Part Four: Too Much Backstory

If you’ve missed our past three blog posts, Midnight Publishing’s staff of professional, award-winning editors and writers has been focusing weekly on the most common “writing mistakes” we come across when working with clients. By giving detailed advice and concrete […]

Writing Mistakes to Avoid, Part Two: Verbosity

Last time, Midnight Publishing discussed how “head-hopping” is a writing mistake to avoid, whereas Omniscient POV is a writing strategy that several iconic authors have mastered successfully. In this post, our group of professional editors and ghostwriters want to discuss […]

Best Places to Visit in Arizona to Find Inspiration for Your Novel

Last week on the Midnight Publishing blog, we discussed some of the best places in Phoenix to go and work on your book (did you check out Lux Café in downtown? They’re one of our favorites. Find the entire post […]