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Writers’ Retreats: Why You Should Go and Where to Find Them

Midnight Publishing is a Phoenix-based editing, ghostwriting, and marketing company that has made it a goal to assist authors in whatever ways we can to complete their manuscripts and polish them to publication-worthy status. As our blog is all about […]

4 Productivity Tips for the Traveling Writer

Whether you’re headed to a writers’ retreat, author convention, family vacation or a work trip to another state or country, one of the most important skillsets to refine as a writer is the ability to create while traveling. As your […]

Is it Necessary to Be Politically Correct in Your Writing?

Last week we discussed the topic of diversity (find it in our archives here!) and the importance of portraying diverse topics in a sensitive nature that avoids stereotypes and misconceptions. Today we’re exploring the flipside of that: whether to be […]

What is Diversity in Writing and Should You Write It?

In the past seventy years or so, our culture has seen a significant shift from a conservative, religiously influenced viewpoint to a much freer and accepting system that encompasses everything from race and sexuality to relationship styles and gender identity. […]

3 Reasons Every Author Should Get Better Sleep

You may have heard the benefits of sleep on a news report or read it in an article, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s become more of a priority in your busy, jam-packed life. According to this post, an estimated […]