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Crossing All Boundaries

by Suzanne Nemec

2017 Best Book Awards Finalist in the Fiction: New Age category








S.L.E.D.: The Serendipitous Life of Dr. Edward Diethrich 
by Dr. Edward Diethrich, founder of the Arizona Heart Association

Internationally renowned cardiovascular surgeon and pioneer in the treatment of heart disease, Dr. Dietrich is noted for many accomplishments, including performing the first television open-heart surgery, founding the first ultrasound company for pregnancies, and performing the first heart transplant in Arizona.


A Survivor’s Celebration of Life Beyond Domestic Violence
by Tahirah Olgetree, actress, filmmaker, director, model, inspirational speaker.

The purpose of this book is to empower, inspire, educate, and help save and change lives. It is filled with empowering quotes, tear-jerking testimonials, and much more.


The Charismatics 

by Ashley R. Carlson

Winner of Self-Publishing Reviews Grand Prize and First Place in Fiction!

Judge’s Comments: “The grand prize goes to Ashley because of her beautiful presentation and intricate story writing, using a popular Steampunk theme that is somewhere between The Golden Compass and The Hunger Games.”

and then god made chocolate

And Then God Made Chocolate
by Sherry-Marie Perguson

Get ready to laugh and then be lifted up and encouraged with Sherry-Marie’s deep faith that is woven into each chapter’s story line. And while there are over sixty recipes that all contain chocolate, there’s something for everyone, from triple chocolate desserts to savory dishes requiring just a teaspoon–because, according to Sherry-Marie, sometimes a teaspoon is all you need.

god, you and red ruby shoes

God, You, and Ruby Red Shoes
by Sherry-Marie Perguson

Coming Fall 2016

Faith, Family, Friends, and Fried Chicken Series
by Sherry-Marie Perguson

This three-part book series shares Sherry-Marie’s story by taking a walk down memory lane, side by side with her loving family and friends, profiling a true American-style life oozing with Southern charm.


From Innocence to Mafia
by Alex Pedrin

It’s hard for Alex Pedrin, former Mexican Mafia leader, not to sit and reflect on the roads chosen—especially since his current residence is the Arizona Department of Corrections. However, his path has led him to a unique opportunity: sharing his trials and tribulations with those who still have the chance to choose a different life.


They Must Not Know Who I Think I Am: Lessons in Defiant Resilience
by American actor/screenwriter Michael Genet

Filled with fascinating personal anecdotes of his long career in entertainment, this book offers tools for discovering, applying, and reaping the long-term rewards of a defiantly resilient approach to life. Defiant resilience is a way of thinking and living that works equally well for anyone in any career. Whether you spend your professional life selling real estate or managing a Fortune 500 company, the concepts Michael presents here will help you realize your dreams, defeat your critics, and use rejection to become stronger and more effective in whatever you do.


Masterless Warrior
by Tom Kelly

A thriller with a heavy dose of action, but beneath the surface lays an endearing tale of a man with nothing. But people never start that way; the circumstances of his transformation unveil themselves sporadically throughout the book. In it, time is key. The past and the present merge to create a portrait of a man who’s losing his grip.

skin cancer

A Patient’s Guide to Skin Cancer: What You Need to Know
by Dr. Burrell H. Wolk, M.D.**
Skin and Cancer Center of Arizona

**Founder of Skin & Cancer Center of Arizona (voted #1 in Arizona for Dermatology and Skin Cancer in 2012-2013) and a diplomat of the American Board of Dermatology


Let Justice Rain
by E.J. Carver

Juryn is a lawyer with a dark secret, a secret she kept hidden during her time at the FBI, a secret she concealed from her law school, a secret that could get her the death sentence. Juryn’s old team at the FBI has taken an interest in a serial killer who has been killing rapists. No one on the team is aware that Juryn is the killer they are after. Can she protect her secret and continue dispensing the justice she has vowed to bring? Or will she be found out and brought to justice by the very people who were once her friends?

divine music

Rediscovering Your Divine Music
 by Scott Leuthold

What if there was an underlying universal language that encompassed everything in your reality but you simply were not aware? What if you had been led away from this truth as a child? Would you want to know? What if you could find a way to rediscover your connection to it and in doing so could change your whole perspective on life and your powerful place within it?

space within

The Space Within
by Hunter Sparrow

Non-fiction, spiritual enlightenment


by Christie Boers

Abby Martin was an ordinary girl about to start high school, or so she thought, until she became plagued with nightmares after learning that she would be moving to Arizona with her mother. In Arizona, she is drawn to one guy in particular, Pete, but when another guy, Eli, tries to convince her to stay away, she begins to second-guess whether Pete is the guy for her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t heed Eli’s warnings and finds out too late that he was right all along. What’s more is Eli isn’t who she thought he was either. Immortality, kidnapping, and gifts are now swirling through her mind. The deeper she dives into learning of Eli’s world, the more confused and endangered she finds herself.

lousy bosses

Lousy Bosses
by Diane Gerdes and Jeff Sutherlin

“Lousy Bosses is targeted to future and current attention-deficit leaders, and magnifies work situations with fun, fictionalized-from-fact stories. We believe it fills a gap for leadership books by presenting short stories and straight-speak action items. Most of us who became bosses learned to supervise by trial and error, as well as taking the initiative to educate ourselves. It is not an automatic career path — it must be earned and developed….”

balland run

Grab The Ball and Run: A Game With Four Quarters
by Jim McCormick

Get carried away by a quarterback and Aerospace engineer from Girard, Kansas as he takes you into his crucible, forges his way into the world, and gives his takeaway on life. A humorous and moving series of life’s vignettes that will leave you laughing and wishing you grew up in a small town.

fire service

Fire Service Labor Management Relations: A Practitioner’s Guide
by Bryan Jeffries – President/Captain at Mesa Fire Fighters

Bryan Jeffries’ book, Fire Service Labor Management Relations: A Practitioner’s Guide, provides a comprehensive guide to the history, applications, and politics involved with fire service labor management relations. If you negotiate on behalf of the fire service, this book is a must-read.

samara story

Samara’s Story
by Samara Nixen-Wexler

Join the author as she travels back over 2000 years to visit with a miraculous woman in the holy land. Open the door and walk into a world where people are more connected to the land, to nature, and to God. Explore a time where people didn’t separate their religious beliefs from their daily lives. Awaken and explore the rituals and the richness in everyday life.

crimson change

Crimson Changes
by Jocelyn Ross

Colleen Simons is your typical wife and mother whose life is anything but normal. In fact, her world spirals in so many directions that typical never manages to materialize in her existence. With a less than ideal marriage, demanding kids, and a deep desire for something better looming in the shadows, her time was spent putting out one fire after another while a cold emptiness hovered inside. Bill – a married friend of the family who she secretly desires – warmed that icy void, but only in fantasy. When she discovers that the feelings she has for him are mutual, her life takes another sharp turn.

diamond deception

The Diamond Deception
by Mike Gallagher

When FBI Agent Pete Dobbins is assigned to investigate three murders in three different cities connected by ballistics evidence, he discovers a conspiracy of criminal activity that requires him to go undercover in an organization that is believed to be beyond reproach.

southern charm

Southern & Sassy With a Side of Faith
by Sherry-Marie Perguson

Southern & Sassy…with a Side of Faith is a compilation of Sherry-Marie’s humorous story-telling, “southernisms,” and “Sherryisms.”

Throughout the book, Sherry-Marie is always bringing into perspective her belief in Faith – the very thing she builds her life upon – but never forgets to serve up an abundant array of mouth-watering, palate-pleasing recipes!

jerusalem blues

Jerusalem Blues Band
by Mike G. Murphy

Available as an ebook. The modern day Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; a group of friends from the 70s that become a rock band in a music industry with a twist.


by R. Jill Maxwell

Julie Archer’s life in the Desert Southwest lulls even the most ambitious into false security. With a struggling marriage and her kids growing up, she seeks new meaning in her life and makes one seemingly small decision. Alone at her thirtieth high school reunion, Julie’s orderly life begins to unravel.