The Harvey Weinstein Scandal: What Happened and How to Fight Sexual Harassment

For anyone who’s checked social media or read the news in the past few weeks, the sexual assault, harassment, and rape allegations being made by dozens of actresses against top Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein would’ve been nearly impossible to avoid […]

The Ghostwriting Process with Midnight Publishing

The term “ghostwriter” is one often rife with confusion and misinterpretation in the writing community for those looking into the service. Midnight Publishing has been offering editing and ghostwriting services from trained professional editors and writers for nearly a decade, […]

3 Ways to Tell if You Need a Writing Coach (And How We Can Help)

Writing a book can be a daunting endeavor, and for the novice author, there are some vital basics that can save you thousands of hours of revisions and hundreds of dollars in editing down the line. At Midnight Publishing, we’ve […]

What #HoldOnToTheLight is Doing for Mental Wellness Awareness

The #HoldOnToTheLight blog campaign was founded in September of 2016 to raise awareness about treatments for anxiety, depression, suicide, domestic violence, PTSD, bullying awareness, and other mental health issues amongst the science fiction and fantasy authors and fans community. More […]

Awareness and Support for September & October Mental Health Initiatives

Next week we are sharing the science-fiction and fantasy author movement and blog campaign, #HoldOnToTheLight, which was organized to raise awareness about mental health issues, PTSD, depression, anxiety, bullying prevention, and other important causes through personal stories from over 100 […]