How the Busy Writer Can Get Involved in Activism

One would have to be in the deepest author cave possible not to have at least an idea of the tumultuous cultural, environmental, and political environment the United States is currently experiencing. Here at Midnight Publishing—where words are power and […]

5 Things to Remember When Attending a Convention as a Featured Author

A rite of passage for many authors is the exciting “con”—a convention of readers, artists and story lovers who gather for several days (usually a long weekend) to celebrate all manners of geek culture: books, movies, TV shows, comics, anime […]

3 Reasons Every Author Should Get Better Sleep

You may have heard the benefits of sleep on a news report or read it in an article, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s become more of a priority in your busy, jam-packed life. According to this post, an estimated […]

Phoenix Memorial Day Weekend Events to Inspire Every Author

Memorial Day this year is Monday, May 29th, and as our state’s official triple-digit-temperature kickoff, this three-day weekend is the perfect opportunity for local Phoenix authors to emerge from their writing caves for some pool time, sunlight, and a good […]

5 Events No Author Should Miss At This Year’s Phoenix Comicon

This year from May 25th to May 28th (Thursday through Sunday), writers, readers, and comic book fans alike will come out in droves for one of Arizona’s largest events of the year: Phoenix Comicon. This annual event in the heart […]