How to Use Instafreebie to Grow Your Newsletter Subscribers

Many self-published and hybrid authors will tell you that two of the best ways to increase your readership are offering free e-books and building a newsletter subscriber list so potential readers can stay up to date on your latest work. […]

Tempe Public Library’s Summer Writing Events

The writing community in Phoenix and its surrounding cities is incredibly vibrant, and as advocates for local author talent and resources, Midnight Publishing is thrilled! We feel lucky to provide editing and ghostwriting services in the heart of the Southwest […]

Writers’ Retreats: How to Host Your Own

Last week we discussed the importance and usefulness of writers’ retreats in fostering creativity, increasing word counts, and forming valuable social connections with other authors, but what if you envision planning your own? That’s a total possibility, and Midnight Publishing […]

Writers’ Retreats: Why You Should Go and Where to Find Them

Midnight Publishing is a Phoenix-based editing, ghostwriting, and marketing company that has made it a goal to assist authors in whatever ways we can to complete their manuscripts and polish them to publication-worthy status. As our blog is all about […]

4 Productivity Tips for the Traveling Writer

Whether you’re headed to a writers’ retreat, author convention, family vacation or a work trip to another state or country, one of the most important skillsets to refine as a writer is the ability to create while traveling. As your […]