Midnight Publishing’s Book Recommendations for February 2017

The editing and writing staff members at Midnight Publishing are constantly trying to better our crafts, and want to see that happen for our author clients as well. As you might’ve known already, one of the best ways to learn […]

Resources for Self-Publishing Hardcover Books

As self-publishing and hybrid publishing continue to develop and revolutionize the industry with options such as e-books, paperbacks, and audiobooks, there’s never been a better time to pursue your dream of becoming a published author. Midnight Publishing is an editing, […]

3 Strategies Authors Can Use to Master Networking

As a locally based self-published author (and editor with Midnight Publishing; contact us today for a free sample and to discuss your project!), I of all people can understand what a chaotic schedule and a busy hobby and/or career of […]

3 Events to Inspire Authors in Phoenix This Jan/Feb of 2017

Midnight Publishing is an Arizona-based editing, writing, and marketing company with a staff that prides itself on keeping up to date on all of our local reader and author events in Phoenix! Since the new year has just begun, we […]

Why 2016’s Celebrity Deaths Should Convince You to Write Your Book

At the time of this writing, Midnight Publishing’s staff was approximately two days away from the start of 2017—and we couldn’t get there fast enough. In the last few days of 2016, we’ve lost three of the largest names in show […]