Midnight Publishing takes pride in offering almost every editorial service for authors and businesses through our vetted and researched pool of professionals. Our product is the written word and content creation, and we take the time to understand our clients’ ambition, target audience, and ideas. We take care of the writing, editing, design, and publishing consultation needs of business owners, entrepreneurs, and authors. Our goal is to make sure your material reads beautifully, speaking to your target audience in the most precise and exciting way possible. So—how can we help your words leave a lasting impression in this competitive world?

Award-winning editors and authors. Fiction book editing. Proofreading. Ghostwriting and writing assistance. Non-fiction book editing. Publishing consultation and guidance. Manuscript critique. Cover design and book formatting. Memoir editing. Author marketing and publicity resources. Business copywriting & copyediting. Academic editing. Newsletter, brochure, and guide writing & editing. Dissertation editing.
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Our editors have worked on award-winning and best-selling titles, by a range of authors, from debut novelists to individuals wishing to write their legacy for family, to New York Times best-selling, including an award-winning actor, a CIA leadership consultant, and multiple world-renowned doctors. We work with writers from all lifestyles who wish to share their stories with the world. We have also provided writing and editing services to companies large and small, including PetSmart, Make a Wish Foundation (Wheels for Wishes Arizona), and Arizona State University’s engineering and English department staff.

We have expert knowledge of both The Chicago Manual of Style and AP style, but here’s what we believe: the editing process is so much more than reference books and proper grammar. We always try to be acutely aware of writers’ voice and style, to embrace the ever-changing nature of language. Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken.


We are serious about the craft of writing and editing, so we work with authors who feel the same way. Take the time to understand the investment of time and finances to produce the highest quality work you can. The right editor for you should provide the support you need to make your book read the way you intended.

All potential clients receive a free sample edit of 1,000 words, which allows us the opportunity to evaluate your work and the amount of time the job requires and gives you the chance to assess our work so that you can decide whether or not it is a good fit. Click here to request a FREE rate quote or send in your writing for a FREE sample. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

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Step 1: Authors, tell us about your book.

Share your synopsis, word count, services you are interested in, and a sample of your manuscript. Businesses, contact us directly to see what we can do for your website, products, or marketing materials.

Step 2: Review Your Sample Edit.

Get a sample edit with the editor to make sure you’ve found the “write” partner for your style, genre, and needs.

Step 3: Sign Your Contract to Embark on One of the Most Important Journeys for Your Book!

When authors invest money in their writing, that’s rarely an instant decision. Our system is never automated. It’s about building a relationship, and that takes time!

To receive a rate estimate and an editor who’s a great fit for your work, use the button below to submit your request. Don’t worry – there are no commitments, and the next email you receive from us will be with an evaluation and rate quote, straight from your potential editor.