A writer’s life may be enjoyable, but it certainly isn’t easy.

We pull the stories we want to tell from our brains, and then have to transfer these stories to written word. Then we have to get other people to read it and love it. That being said, we need all the help we can get.

Here are the top 10 basic apps we like to use to make this process a little easier and a lot more enjoyable: 

  1. Notes is simple. With zero visual distractions, Notes is the perfect place to jot down your thoughts or to write full pieces. While it’s platform is simple, it still has options to send your work to other apps, as well as the ability to email, text, print, or even post your work to social media. Pretty handy, and we don’t hate how easy it is to use.


  1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary has an app, and if you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for new words to use in your work. It includes voice search, synonyms, antonyms, example sentences, Word of the Day, and has an ad-free premium version. Thousands and thousands of words to explore in convenient app format, and you don’t even have to hop on the bus to go dig through that 10-pound dictionary at the local library.

Merriam Webster

  1. iThesaurus is right up there with Merriam-Webster on our list of apps writers MUST download. With over 140,000 words (including definitions and synonyms), iThesaurus won’t leave you disappointed. iThesaurus is there for you; it gets you. It knows all the words even when you’ve forgotten them.


  1. We love the handiness of Dragon Dictation. To use this app, all you need to do is speak right into your phone. It becomes your new BFF in app-form, listening to all of your deepest thoughts and instantly transcribing them. It’s perfect for a variety of writing forms including quick thoughts, ideas, articles, and even full pieces of writing.


  1. Free, self-explanatory, and a total necessity. When we sit down to write, we find ourselves getting distracted…a lot. Whether your ex-boyfriend posted pictures of his new flame or you want to check out your favorite restaurants new happy hour deals, you’re out of luck. Turn this app on, list the websites you want to avoid, and SelfControl won’t cave and let you take a look until the timer you’ve set has run out. Trying to get your Facebook fix regardless of 45 minutes left? Too bad. You can’t access the sites until the timer ends…even if you restart your laptop or delete the app. Trust us, we’ve tried.


  1. Evernote is SO popular, and for good reason. Get organized, increase your productivity, write down ideas, order some Chinese food… We’re just kidding about the Chinese food, but Evernote is handy enough that we wouldn’t be surprised if it developed takeout-ordering capabilities. By writing notes, saving images, and being totally searchable, Evernote accomplishes all of the above and more.


  1. Office Plus. Need to open and edit that chapter of your book, but it’s on Microsoft Word and your laptop isn’t nearby? This is where Office Plus comes in handy. By allowing you to open Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files, your phone instantly becomes 10x more functional. And guess what? It’s free (with additional purchase options)!


  1. Pandora is how we get our groove on. When we write, the flow or creativity becomes music to our ears—but we want a literal one, as well. By typing in your favorite artist, song or album, Pandora creates a custom radio based off your selection and keeps your office productive with an upbeat jam session or soothing background music.


  1. Dropbox is ideal for accessing files on the go. You can install it on all devices and reach your writing from essentially any platform. It also ties into several other apps. Best thing about it? It’s free. But it’s so useful that we’d pay for it if necessary.


  1. If you need some help when it comes to categorizing all those thoughts running through your head, Mindly has your back. Perfect for organization and planning, you can form notes and ideas, and it’s flexible enough to be whatever you need it to be. This is what makes it so perfect for creative people like writers. Want it to hold the ideas you base your next book off of? Done. Want it to help you figure out what to make for that dinner you’re hosting next Saturday? It can do that, too. We like to cover our bases.


So what are you waiting for? Turn up your speakers, load up the ’90s favorites station on Pandora, and show the world what you have to say through your writing. We guarantee these apps will make it that much easier.