Like any project, writing and publishing a book requires dedication, time, and a supportive team for a professional final product. The professional editors and writers at Midnight Publishing know this from working with hundreds of clients in the last ten years. We have a special understanding of this process. We also have a passion for assisting authors in hitting their author goals. In our last blog, we shared our top ten tips for reaching your publication goals. Today, we are sharing our top ten tips for accelerating your author career. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime for a one-on-one consultation to discuss how we can help you achieve your personal book goals this year.

10 Tips for Achieving Your Author Career Goals

Marketing Goals

1. Put a Basic Platform in Place

There are two elements you must have as an author. The first, a website with a headshot, blog or newsletter for announcements, and links to purchase your books. The second is a social media platform that you post to regularly. Here is what we suggest.

2. Set Up a Schedule for Posts/Blogs/Newsletters

Author Career - social media postingA good basic plan for this goes as follows. For blogging, it is smart to blog either weekly or biweekly along with sending out a newsletter once a month. For the social platform, depending on which one you are using, it is smart to post at least once a day.

3. Don’t Fall into Social Media Rabbit Holes

It is important not to let your social media platform to not derail you from being productive during your writing time. It is also important to post at high activity times. Consider apps like Flipd that “lock” you out of social media for a specific amount of time.

4. Take Social Media and Book Reviews with A Grain of Salt

Pay attention to your personal tolerance levels for media, reviews, and criticisms. You need to protect yourself and limit yourself to how much time you spend reading these reviews. One of our editors, Ashley R. Carlson has three tips on how to best handle your reviews. Find them here.

5. As Your Platform Grows, Enlist Help

Getting your social media platform to the level of being a great marketing tool can become time consuming. If you find it taking up too much writing time, it may be helpful to consider help. There are freelance social media managers and companies that will do that posting for you.

Future Overall Goals

1. Write Your Next book (and the Next, and the Next)