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The new year is right around the corner, which means the opportunity for a fresh start with your business and writing career. Midnight Publishing has been helping authors and business professionals for almost 10 years to grow their platforms, edit and revise their books for publication, and ensure that their brand is polished, engaging, and relevant for customers and readers. Give yourself the best gift of all this 2018 by resolving to write and publish that book you’ve always dreamed of creating, or by updating your business’s website copy, newsletters, brochures, and training manuals with a fresh, refined take that’s professional and compelling.

Midnight Publishing’s staff of award-winning ghostwriters and editors is here to help you on this mission—and at a reduced price! We’re offering six holiday editing and writing packages for every writing or entrepreneurial need, all at a 50 percent discount off our regular fees. Read on to learn more about our editing and writing specials for the new year, and contact us right away to get scheduled; these deals won’t last long!

For The Author or Writer

For the author of a book manuscript that needs editing assistance and consultation, check out our three discounted deals:

1. The “Starry Skies” Author Coaching and Manuscript Critique Package

This $300 coaching and critique package includes:

  1. A full read-through of your manuscript and in-depth critique (inquire with us about word count guidelines).
  2. Written advisement on the next steps for your own personal author journey from our professional editors and publishing experts. This advisement will include:
  • Steps required for a publish- or query-ready manuscript, including projected timelines.
  • Five ways to publish your book (traditionally, hybrid, self-publishing, etc.).
  • A 25-minute Q and A session to answer any questions about critique details, the publishing market, etc.

2. The “Shooting Star” Author Coaching and Proofread Package

The second discounted author package we’re offering is perfect for the writer who’s finished and edited their manuscript and wants that final polish before publication.

This $1,000 coaching and proofreading package includes:

  1. Written advisement on the next steps for your personal author journey from our professional editors and publishing experts as per the “Shooting Star” package.
  2. Proofread on up to 50,000 words of any material look for any grammatical errors and instigate a cohesive style guide (Chicago Manual of Style or AP Style). Ideas for material to have proofread:
  • Manuscript
  • Agent query letter
  • Book summary
  • Author website/marketing materials

3. The “Full Moon” Author Coaching and Copyediting Package

Midnight Publishing’s third discounted package is the most comprehensive editing option we’re offering this season! This is the best choice for the author who’s completed the developmental/structural edit of their manuscript (we do offer this as well; contact to discuss!) and wants professional assistance with grammar and style.

This $1,500 coaching and copyediting package includes:

  1. Written advisement on the next steps for your personal author journey from our professional editors and publishing experts as per the “Shooting Star” package.
  2. A detailed copyedit of up to 50,000 words of your manuscript. Midnight Publishing’s copyedit focuses on:
  • Revising for better sentence structure, word choice, and flow.
  • Assistance with formulating realistic dialogue.
  • Following a style guide.
  • And more!
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For The Business Owner

For the business owner and entrepreneur looking to update and polish their brand’s image and content, choose from three discounted editing and writing packages below:

1. The “Starry Skies” Package: $250

This $250 editing and writing package for businesses includes:

  • A written critique of your business website, manuals, training guides, marketing materials, social media sites, brochures, and more for clarity, relevance, interest, and where to improve.
  • A 30-minute Q and A session to discuss critique’s suggestions in detail, and how Midnight Publishing can best address business’s writing and editing needs with package’s five allotted hours for editing, writing and revision.
  • Five hours spent editing existing material or writing content for your business.
  • Discounts on future services with us!

2. The “Shooting Star” Proofread and Consultation Package

This $1,000 proofread and consultation package includes:

  • A professional-level proofread of up to 40,000 words of any training manual, manuscript, website, how-to book, etc. for proper grammar and punctuation usage, and to implement a particular style guide. Learn more about what Midnight Publishing’s proofreading tier includes on this page.
  • A personal consultation on how to better improve your website, business’s brand and overall marketability with our public relations professionals and editor. Contact us to inquire about details, and to schedule your consultation!

3. The “Full Moon” Copy Edit and Copywriting Package

This $1,500 copy edit and copywriting package includes:

  • 10 hours of copywriting materials, ranging from website content and brochures to training materials, marketing copy, and business proposals.
  • A professional-level copy edit of up to 50,000 words of content. Midnight Publishing’s copy edits include:
  1. The correcting of typos, punctuation, and other grammatical errors.
  2. Possible reorganizing of certain sections for cohesiveness and logicality.
  3. Identification and replacement of commonly used phrases and words for improved flow and clarity.
  4. Following a style guide for document formatting.

*Typically the “Full Moon” package can be expected to include a full website copy edit, as well as three additional materials of around 5 pages each. Contact Midnight Publishing for questions or clarifications!

Don’t wait—contact Midnight Publishing’s award-winning editors and writers to purchase your author or business package today! We’re available throughout the holiday and into the new year and are ready to get you started on your editing and writing packages today. We’ve been trusted with over five million words and counting since 2007.