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As head editor of Midnight Publishing for the past few years and an award-winning author, I’ve spent my fair share of time scouring the internet for ways to become a better writer, editor, and reader. It’s my firm belief that writing prose is an ability that can only be honed by doing; no matter how many how-to books you read on the subject, adjective lists you memorize and “popular plotline breakdowns” you pore over, the most effective way to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your own work comes from outlining and drafting it. This is why I really enjoy finding and utilizing some of the free workbooks that my fellow authors have created and offer to anyone hoping to induce their creative juices. Side note: as I compiled this list, I realized that all three of these resources come from female authors, which makes me really excited because our country just celebrated International Women’s Day earlier this month. So not only are these women authors providing free and helpful materials to aid you on your writing journey, but by utilizing their work and sharing it, you’re supporting a powerful movement that’s very important in our culture’s current climate. Let’s check out some of these amazing and free workbook resources:

Well-Storied from Kristen Kieffer

Who she is: A speculative fiction and fantasy author as well as a non-fiction author of creative writing resources, Kristen Kieffer and Well-Storied have been featured by Writer’s Digest, The Write Life, and Positive Writer.

Resource: Write With Purpose

Kristen is currently offering a free 46-page digital workbook that’s complete with mini-lessons on writing, guided questionnaires, and more content specifically designed to help you cultivate your ideal and most productive writing life. Find it here.

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The Little Novelist from Rhianne Williams

Who she is: This popular and beloved blogger and fantasy author from England has been sharing writing resources, e-courses, and workbooks for several years. You can find a variety of non-fiction resources and courses available for purchase here, in her store.

Resource: Generating Novel Ideas: The Workbook

This free 15-page workbook is designed specifically to assist you in brainstorming novel ideas in a quick and effective manner. As a full-time employee for an administration company, Rhianne always ensures that her workbooks and resources are tailored for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time, and she makes every minute count! Find it here.

Better Novel Project from Christine Frazier

Who she is: Christine Frazier’s site has been awarded a spot in Writer’s Digest’s 101 Best Websites for Writers list two years running. Her master outline is a compilation and exploration of three of the best book series of all time: The Hunger Games series, the Twilight series and the Harry Potter series. She examines their similarities, differences, and helps burgeoning authors to glean ideas from what works and doesn’t.

Resource: The Better Novel Project App

By far one of the most creative resources I’ve come across for authors, the Better Novel App is an innovative tool that helps authors organize their manuscript in an organic, distraction-free workplace. Try a 30-day free trial today, or check out the master outline plugged into the app to see how it works. Find it here.

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