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You may have heard the benefits of sleep on a news report or read it in an article, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s become more of a priority in your busy, jam-packed life. According to this post, an estimated nine out of ten authors are not making a living full-time with their writing, so it’s safe to assume you’re usually stealing away to tinker on your manuscript, perhaps during a lunch hour or those few quiet hours before bed. As beneficial as it is to get those words on the page, if you’re not getting the recommended eight hours of sleep a night between writing, your exertion could be for naught. May is Better Sleep Month, and several organizations like the Better Sleep Council and the National Sleep Foundation provide a plethora of information, resources, and assistance to help Americans (and everyone) to get better sleep.

As an editing and writing company based in Phoenix, Arizona, Midnight Publishing is incredibly passionate about encouraging our author clients to take care of themselves so that they can write the best book possible before passing it over to us. Why work harder due to a lack of sleep when you can work smarter and produce higher-quality material in a shorter amount of time? Below are three reasons why you should be getting the recommended amount of sleep every night, and how it’ll make you a better author in the long run:

1. Proper Sleep Enables You to Learn More Efficiently

A huge part of growing as an author means that you’re constantly widening your vocabulary, analyzing other authors’ works, and examining your own so that you can make it stronger. You should be reading as much as possible when you’re not writing, both for enjoyment and to learn from others who’ve been successful before you. Sleep-deprivation keeps you from retaining a majority of what you’re trying to absorb, effectively stunting your growth as an author.

Pro author tip: To get your daily reading in, turn the TV off an hour before you want to be asleep and read. Once an hour’s passed (or less if you’re really tired), put the book aside and pick it up the next day. You’re getting valuable reading time in, but not at the expense of your sleep. It’s all about routine and discipline.

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2. Getting Enough Sleep Boosts Your Memory

As many authors know, the largest part of the book-writing process is the revisions. Editors like the ones at Midnight Publishing can help you to identify plot holes, inconsistencies, and loose threads throughout your manuscript, but it’s important to grow as an author and be able to locate some of those issues yourself. If you’re sleep-deprived, your memory (as well as your concentration and alertness) is hindered, and you’ll have a greater chance of missing those plot holes that need patching. Enable yourself to come to a manuscript with a well-rested, calm state of mind, and your output will be much better.

Pro author tip: Give yourself a daily word count and stick with it (1,000-2,000 words a day is a good starting point). Remove all distractions and do word sprints, 30-minute timeframes when all you do is write, to finish your daily count and then step away from the computer until the next day. Again, repetition and discipline are key.

3. Sleep Deprivation Can Lead to Depression and Other Physical Ailments

Writing a book requires a lot of self-discipline and motivation, and if you’re suffering from depression, anxiety or physical ailments, that can extinguish your inspiration instantly. Also, a higher propensity for high blood pressure, heart disease, and even cancer have all been found to result from sleep-deprivation, so please take your self-care seriously and invest in a good night’s sleep.

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