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Ask any author (especially the bestselling ones like Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, and Lee Child, who spent years racking up rejection letters from agents and publishers) and they’ll say that one should never write for fame, money or recognition. The path to publication—even self-publication—is riddled with rejection, poor reviews, and self-doubt, and you’ll most likely find yourself questioning why you’re an author at least a few times during your writing career. As a group of professional editors and writers, Midnight Publishing’s staff knows what it’s like for our clients (and ourselves!) to go through these difficult phases of a writing career, so we want to remind you of some of the best reasons for writing. If you go into each day with these as your goals instead of simply “becoming a millionaire,” then writing will remain one of the most beloved hobbies—and possibly careers—of your life!

1. Writing is One of the Most Therapeutic Treatments in Existence

And we’re not just talking about journaling—though that is a tried and true method for working through past traumas, increasing one’s self-awareness and examining the perceptions deep within ourselves. When one begins to write poetry, or a fiction story, allowing the words to flow through them without much—if any—premeditation, it can bring to light some incredibly deep insights and issues currently existing in the subconscious. Not only is this interesting and enlightening to the writer, but writing a book, poetry or graphic novel can provide an outlet to control and change what happens in the story. For example, perhaps a rape victim decides to write a novel about a potential victim who instead fights their way out of a dangerous situation. This ability to live vicariously through one’s characters is incredibly cathartic and therapeutic.

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2. Creativity has a Slew of Health Benefits for your Mental, Emotional, and even Physical Health

Aside from providing a therapeutic outlet for our personal experiences, accessing and nourishing one’s creativity has been proven to have health benefits of all kinds. Mentally and emotionally, it provides a healthy outlet to stress—not alcohol, not substance, not a dangerous physical activity. Writing was also found to improve the lymphocyte counts in HIV-positive patients, according to this study in the “Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine.” In other studies, writing has been found to lower depression, anxiety, and build stronger social connections with others in the creative community.

3. Writing a Book Takes Determination, Dedication, and Drive

Ah, the “three D’s.” Writing any piece of fiction or non-fiction with the goal of publishing is about as easy as training for and completing a marathon—aka, it’s not easy at all. But in the same way that physical exercise has many difficult days along the way, the sense of accomplishment at the end of a completed manuscript, and then when that manuscript is published, is one of the best feelings in the world.

In a world of such fast technology, constantly pumping out information to be consumed, when you use your creativity to write and publish a book, poetry or any other form of content, you are not only disengaging from the hubbub for some much-needed “you” time, but you’re also creating something that others can truly enjoy.

Below is a list of sites for those seeking a writing community, critique group or for more resources. Check them out and find some additional writing support today—and when you’re ready, contact Midnight Publishing to discuss editing and polishing your manuscript!

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