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As an author, writing your books (and having them professionally edited by experts like us) is only half the battle. The next piece when it comes to launching a successful writing career is marketing yourself, building an author platform and brand that represents you while entertaining readers and amassing fans. For some authors this is a piece of cake, still others a daunting task, and for the majority of us, it becomes a game of figuring out which social media platforms we excel in and enjoy the most.

Midnight Publishing is a Phoenix-based editing, ghostwriting, and marketing company. We’ve helped clients all across Arizona and internationally to organize their ideas, flesh out their book ideas with ghostwriting assistance, provide editing in all levels ranging from proofreading to in-depth developmental overhauls, or a combination of any of these. It’s our number one goal as your book editors, ghostwriters, and marketers to assist you on your path to putting forth the best books you can, and then selling them! The past few weeks we’ve explored the newest social media platform to really burst forth onto the marketing scene, Snapchat, where we dissect the app’s pros and cons, and how to utilize it as a book author. Find our series of posts on Snapchat here in the blog archives. Now we want to explore another option for marketing yourself and your writing: Facebook Live. This live streaming video platform is a little like Snapchat and a little like YouTube, but allows you to access a larger audience and provides additional features that we’ll discuss now:

Why Choose Facebook Live Over Other Video Streaming Apps?

Facebook Live is really easy to stream, is much more user-friendly, and immediate, whereas with YouTube you have to set things up within the platform, designate viewers, and the filmed videos need to be downloaded by the platform before they can play (which can take hours if you don’t have advanced software). All in regards to Facebook Live versus Snapchat, the Snapchat app only allows each photo or video to be played for up to 10 seconds. Thus, it’s useful for short snippets of content, but certainly not a lengthy event. Finally, a feature that Facebook Live offers is the option to comment, similarly to with Periscope, so anyone who’s viewing the video can comment and see others’ comments, making it a highly interactive experience. Find details on how to start a Facebook Live session here, or continue reading to see Midnight Publishing’s three ideas on what authors could stream:

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1. Book Unboxing

Did you just receive your books in the mail? Film it live for your readers and fans to see, and show them all the unique features such as the front and back cover, maps inside, photos, formatting designs, and symbols, etc.

2. Book Signings

Whether it’s your own or others, Facebook Live is the perfect choice for readers to feel like they’re a part of an event even if they can’t attend.

3. “Teasers” of Covers, Swag, and More

Perhaps you haven’t actually gotten your paperbacks or hardcovers in the mail yet, or maybe you’re trying to decide between several book covers from your designer. A fantastic way to invite reader involvement is by streaming live and starting a conversation with your fans about this. You can also use Facebook Live to showcase swag you’ll be handing out at your next book signing, or even invite readers into your home or workspace to discuss your inspirations, where most of your writing happens, and to show off your own To Be Read book list (every author seems to have a floor-to-ceiling collection!).

Whether you’re preparing to publish your first book or your twentieth, Midnight Publishing has a staff of award-winning editors, writers, and publishing experts who are passionate about helping you to take your writing career to new heights! Contact us today to discuss your project, receive a free editing sample of your first 1,000 words, and to get scheduled with us.