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Writing a book can be a daunting endeavor, and for the novice author, there are some vital basics that can save you thousands of hours of revisions and hundreds of dollars in editing down the line. At Midnight Publishing, we’ve accrued a staff of professional editors and writers who’ve won awards for their books and have experience working with dozens upon dozens of clients locally in Arizona as well as globally to refine their writing, increase their storytelling skills, and produce a manuscript that is of publication and/or querying caliber. Our staff believes in your writing vision, and Midnight Publishing offers coaching services that will place you on the best path for crafting a book that’s compelling, consistent, and enjoyable for every reader. Below are three of the main reasons why a writing coach might be the best choice for you as you pursue your dreams of authorship:

1. You’re Unsure of How to Construct/Organize a Captivating Plot

The most important facet of writing a book is that its readers stay engaged in! To keep them turning the pages, there are numerous craft and construction methods to utilize to increase tension, build a relationship between reader and storyline, and hook their interest for the duration of the manuscript. Our writing coaches will provide detailed, tailored advice and direction on common mistakes new authors make, how to avoid them, and ways to streamline their content in a way that’s personal and plays to their strengths.

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2. You’ve Received Recurring Criticism on Written Works in the Past

This isn’t to say that some poor reviews are enough of a reason to require a writing coach. However, if there seems to be a recurring theme from publishers/editors during querying, beta readers during feedback, and/or consistent negative reviews from readers online, then enlisting one of Midnight Publishing’s writing coaches could mean the difference in your future works. A writing coach will bolster your confidence, providing constructive criticism and pointers for how to strengthen your characters, world-building skills, plot pacing, and any other areas that require professional direction.

3. You Lack the Motivation to Complete the Manuscript

For many aspiring writers, not having a set-in-stone publishing deadline prevents them from finishing their book because there’s a lack of accountability for completion. By enlisting the assistance of a writing coach, authors are making a concerted effort to stay on task, receiving achievable deadlines from their coach that keep the writing process rolling. Look at Midnight Publishing’s writing coaches like personal trainers, but for your book! We make sure you show up on time, build the writing muscles that are weakest, and reap those benefits from all your hard work in a tangible way you can be proud of.

If you’ve always dreamed of writing a book but don’t know where to start, Midnight Publishing is the perfect editing and ghostwriting service for you! Allow our professional writing coaches to provide direction on your manuscripts, and enable you to polish and perfect those words until they sparkle. Contact us today to tell us about your book project, and get scheduled!