4 Easy New Year’s Resolutions Writer’s Can Actually Reach

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The somewhat negative connotations surrounding New Year’s resolutions can ring true at times, but the underlying intentions remain solid: a new year can mean a new path forged in your writing career (and your life). Sometimes it’s the feel of a “new” year that gives us the encouragement, the final push, to get our writing careers to the next level. Midnight Publishing wants to help you do that. As professional ghostwriters, editors and marketers with many years invested in the publishing industry, we know how difficult it can be to remain steadfast in your writing endeavors. That’s why we exist: professionals who will be the champions of your manuscript, no matter what stage it’s currently in. Let’s discuss these four easy New Year’s resolutions that you can follow as your writing career continues to shape, mature and grow:

1. Instigating a daily word count

One of the most important resolutions (and literally the only way you can and should pursue the next three) is ACTUALLY WRITING SOMETHING. Sounds easy, right? Award-winning and bestselling author Neil Gaiman sums it up pretty perfectly: “Being a writer is a very peculiar sort of a job: it’s always you versus a blank sheet of paper (or a blank screen) and quite often the blank piece of paper wins.” In order to prevent the blank screen from winning, diligence must come into play. Whether that’s a word count of 500 per day, Stephen King’s recommended 2,000, or prolific self-published author Bella Andre’s daily 7,000, routine is the way to fight the “blank screen blues.”

2. Sharing your work for feedback

Another resolution that is also equally as easy and difficult to follow is sharing your work with others. Whether on a writing community such as FictionPress or Wattpad, or a Meetup group that focuses on critiquing fellow writers’ work in person, it’s a vital step of the writing process to share your works-in-progress with beta readers. Sometimes a positive review can encourage you to finish something, and constructive criticism is always good—not only for bettering your story but for thickening your skin as an artist.

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3. Hiring an Editor to Give Yourself a Deadline

One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable (and be held accountable) for a manuscript you’re writing is by contacting Midnight Publishing and getting scheduled for an edit before the work is fully completed! Our schedule is normally booked out several months in advance, so by giving yourself a deadline of submission to us and putting a down payment on the timeslot, you’re adding a lot of accountability factors to completing or revising your book before it’s in our hands!

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4. Hiring a Professional Ghostwriter to Create and/or Organize Your Ideas

Another service that Midnight Publishing offers is professional ghostwriting. Are you an expert in your field? Do you have a lot of knowledge about a topic and want to share it, but aren’t sure about how to organize those ideas, write them in a succinct but interesting way, and ensure that proper grammatical and style guide rules are followed? That’s where Midnight Publishing comes in. As professional ghostwriters, we can offer you several things based on your needs:

  1. Write a book from scratch working with your idea(s).
  2. Meet with you in person to discuss your topic, and offer suggestions on how you can write the next segment or chapter.
  3. Take your current writings and revise them to enhance cohesion, relevance, interest and more.
  4. Assist you in identifying and arranging chapters and topics to design an overall professional and compelling book.

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Contact Midnight Publishing today to discuss all of the other essential editing, marketing and writing services we tailor toward indie and traditional authors alike. Let us help you accomplish your New Year’s writing career resolutions! We’re Midnight Publishing: trusted with over 10 million words and your go-to professional book editing and ghostwriting service in Phoenix, Arizona!