5 Ways a Business Writer Will Save You Time and Money

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According to Digital Estate, as a business owner, you wear a lot of hats. Many times, the biggest (and most uncomfortable) hat involves writing, and a lot of it.

In this technological age, marketing for your business is its own kind of animal—and requires a trained professional to wrangle it into a mutually beneficial partnership (too many puns? We’re goin’ with it).

While you could hire within your company for some of these services, that doesn’t take into account employee benefits and other expenses, as well as the fact that they are not trained content creators, writing eye-catching prose for a living.

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Allow our Midnight Publishing staff to convince you of why hiring one of our business writers is a crucial way to invest in your business, while also saving time (a lot of it!) and money (saving and enabling you to make more):

1. Save Time on Social Media

A business writer is going to have the knowledge and experience in manning several media outlets: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and more. Think of all the untapped markets that could be reached, for free—none of these social media outlets cost anything. Also, with a business writer comes an optimum level of grammatical knowledge and professionalism—no misspelled words for your business.

*Tip: Be sure to request and look for business writers who can offer a specific voice to your social media usage; a children’s educational company is going to want posts with a different vibe than a local beer brewery.

*Tip: Social media needs to be done with a subtle hand. Funny, relevant posts that contain humor and/or useful information will get much further than “spam.” Midnight Publishing’s staff can offer this, gaining you fans as well as clients.

2. Save Time and/or Money on Advertisement

As mentioned earlier, there are nearly a dozen various media outlets available to spread the word about your business, without costing a penny. Your business writer will tap into these markets, reaching potential clients with posts that offer both wit and significance. If your market is reached through local publications such as PHOENIX Magazine, Arizona Foothills Magazine and others, than a business writer will provide succinct and appropriate advertisement copy to draw the reader in (saving you time with their content creation).

3. Save Money Because of SEO

Business writers know SEO (search engine optimization) vocabulary. They know what keywords are appropriate, which ones rank the highest, and how to have your website/blog seen by the most potential clients. This saves you money on other advertising—the traffic brought by a business writer’s SEO-optimized blog posts will bring the work to you.*Tip: explore the business writer’s knowledge in your specific field. Though most business writers (Midnight Publishing’s staff included) can research and become familiarized with almost any topic, a very specific or specialized field may benefit from a business writer with a background in that arena.

4. Save Time by Gaining a Fresh Perspective on Your Business

A business writer is a new pair of eyes on your business. They will offer a different angle and perspective on what you’re offering, ways you can solicit new clients, and even offer tips on how to revamp and revolutionize your current setup if it’s needed. Business writers have one main goal: to create exciting, relevant content that will market your business and increase your client base.

5. Save Money and Time by Maintaining Your Knowledge of the Current Market

A business writer is going to be researching the field, constantly looking for cutting-edge breakthroughs and topics to discuss in relevant blog posts, newsletters, press releases and other ad copy. By presenting that information to you before publication, you are constantly staying informed about the current climate of your field, saving you time in personal research and money in educational avenues you might otherwise pursue.

Don’t wait—contact Midnight Publishing to discuss hiring a business writer to save you time and money today!