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If you’re an author starting up your first author blog or if you’re looking to get more traffic on your author website, a great way to get your name out there is to submit guest posts to some pre-established writing blogs. Guest posting simply means you write an article—or guest post, and submit it to be published by another blog or website. Guest posting has become such a popular way to gain publicity, that many sites have very specific requirements for the posts they accept.

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Now, finding these well known, pre-established blogs that actually accept guest posts can be tricky—the Internet is a sprawling place indeed. Fortunately for you, we have created a list of top writing blogs that accept and encourage guest posting. Note that you can click on the provided links to find all of the guest posting requirements on the blog sites. Also, make sure you get to know whichever blog you decide to post to—editors will know if you put in the effort to get to know their blogs’ tone, audience, and voice…and they’ll like you all the more for it.

1. Writer Unboxed

Writer Unboxed is a popular writing blog that was started in 2006 by Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton. The website features contributions from published and unpublished authors, with topics that include writing craft, the writing lifestyle, publishing, marketing, and writing resources. Because Writer Unboxed is such a popular site, they’re only able to accept a limited number of guest posts, so be sure to read their requirements and understand their content, to increase your chances of being selected.

2. Live Write Thrive

Live Write Thrive was created by author and copy editor C. S. Lakin. Her blog centers on instructing, motivating and encouraging writers. Topics on her blog range from posts about writing craft to marketing, social media, and publishing. She only accepts guest blogs that she can feature in her Writing for Life section, so make sure you get to know that section of her blog.

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3. Men With Pens

Men with Pens is a blog created by published writer and entrepreneur James Chartrand. Her popular blog covers copywriting, entrepreneurship, freelancing, marketing, and good business practices. Be warned—if you want to submit to Men With Pens, know that there are many requirements, and the review process (referred to as “The Gauntlet”) is extensive.

4. Write to Done

Write to Done, originally founded by Leo Babauta, is now run by Mary Jaksch. The blog covers a range of issues—writing craft, writing inspiration, lifestyle, marketing, blogging, querying—all to ultimately help their audience become better writers. To submit a guest post, you need to be an already-established blogger with something useful and new to say, so it can help their readers become better writers.

5. Writer’s Relief

Writer’s Relief, which is a business aimed at helping writers submit their work to publishers and agents, has a blog that covers many aspects of the writing profession, marketing, publishing, and the writer’s life in general. Some of the topics they’d like guest bloggers to cover include writing craft, marketing, social networking, inspiration, creative writing, and finding an agent. They’re looking for succinct, clearly written posts, with eye-catching titles.

6. The Write Life

The Write Life is a popular blog founded by Alexis Grant. The blog’s mission is to help writers create successful writing careers while forming a supportive community. The Write Life is interested in guest posts that offer practical advice to writers to help them along their writing journeys. Posts should be written in Google Docs with added links that offer readers relevant information.

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