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Arizona is overflowing with local writing talent, which is exemplified through our state’s many events, conventions, workshops, and book signings at independent stores. Midnight Publishing has been working with local and international authors alike for over seven years, assisting them in editing, organizing, writing, and marketing their books to the masses. Although our physical office is based out of Phoenix, Arizona, we work with writers and entrepreneurs across the world—but that doesn’t mean we don’t hold a special place of pride for our home state writers! Below are seven authors currently based in Arizona who represent our state with finesse; find them at various cons, book signings, and workshops and be sure to buy and review their books to build local momentum!

1. Suzanne Young

This New York Times bestselling author of the young adult The Program series puts a new spin on science fiction and contemporary love stories. Learn more about her upcoming releases, events, and signings through her website, and read her exceptionally funny thoughts on her Twitter.

2. Tom Leveen

This prolific writer of young adult contemporary, fantasy, science fiction, and horror has published in a plethora of genres, with many of his books taking place right here in Arizona. Check out his latest novel, Hellworld, for a scary ghost hunt here in our home state, and find information about his upcoming work at his website.

3. Emily Devenport

Publishing in multiple countries and under several pen names (Maggie Thomas and Lee Hogan), Emily Devenport focuses on science fiction, fantasy, and the “weird,” according to her blog. A two-book deal with Tor announced in April 2017 means that we have a lot to look forward to from this Arizona-based author!

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4. Ryan Dalton

The author of the Time Shift trilogy for young adults, Ryan Dalton has been charming audiences with his time-traveling, quick-witted twins for the past two years. While readers wait anxiously for the third installment to be released, they can chuckle at Dalton’s blog posts and Twitter feed.

5. Amy K. Nichols

Another gifted science fiction author based in Phoenix, Amy K. Nichols’ duology Now That You’re Here and While You Were Gone explores the ideas of parallel universes, with a nerdy protagonist and a whip-smart love interest. Follow her on twitter and be sure to say hi at one of the many conventions she attends!

6. Sam Sykes

This epic fantasy writer is a favorite at cons and events for his brazen sense of humor and authenticity. Enjoy his Affinity for Steel omnibus, or give his latest publication, City Stained Red, a try. Refer to his website for the latest events he’ll be visiting, as well as upcoming books.

7. Beth Cato

Steampunk author and baking aficionado, Beth Cato has entertained audiences with her The Clockwork Dagger series, as well as her newest alternate history fantasy novel Breath of Earth. Her website boasts updates on books, upcoming events as well as her favorite recipes!

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