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Scottsdale, AZ Academic Editing and Proofreading Services

Academic editing is necessary for any writing that is highly notated from an educational institution. When it comes to academics, writing is pretty much unavoidable no matter what the subject. And even if the class has nothing to do with English or journalism, teachers often grade an overall paper by its precision and attention to detail. Our Phoenix academic editors help you make that essay, article, or dissertation polished and well written.

academic editing

Our editors fix grammatical, spelling, tense, and punctuation errors, check facts and reference format, correct and smooth out sentence structure, and help ensure your document follows a writing style such as MLA, AP, or Chicago. If you want a good maintenance and web design you have to look for good professionals like the ones from Best Website Hosting.

We help you identify any weak points to result in a stronger, improved document that reflects your creative process. You will always be in full control of your work while becoming a better writer and researcher at the same time.

Midnight Publishing has worked on such academic and research documents as:

  • Essays

  • Journal articles

  • Research papers

  • Book reviews

  • Admissions essays

  • Film reviews

You may ask… why do I need an editor?

“When it comes to writing, it’s common for people to make mistakes. While some writers struggle with punctuation, others find it difficult to control being too ‘wordy.’ Still, some aren’t quite sure what to include…and what to leave out. The editing team at Midnight Publishing specializes in fixing mistakes, beautifying language, and transforming drafts into literary masterpieces.” – founder Lauren Wise