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One of the most tedious endeavors when pursuing traditional publication is finding agents, publishers, and publications that will accept, represent and print your work for readers to enjoy. Currently one of the best resources available for authors is the subscription-based online database Duotrope. Whether you’re hoping to publish a short story in a popular e-zine, find an agent to represent your manuscript to Big Six publishers, or speak directly with publications that accept nonfiction books.

Using Duotrope for Finding Agents, Publishers, and Publications

Duotrope at a GlanceFinding Agents, Publishers, and Publications: Duotrope for Newbies

Duotrope gives authors access to an extensive, searchable database that updates daily with thousands of entries for different genre markets. It gives the user a calendar of upcoming deadlines and a personal submission tracker. Duotrope also provides statistics submitted by other users on response times from the publishers and agents in the database. Finally, the best part is it is only $5 per month or only $50 for a one-time yearly payment.

What Sets Duotrope Apart?

Midnight Publishing’s staff of editors and writers are very familiar with the publishing industry and the process of seeking publication. There are resources like Publishers Marketplace (which costs $25 monthly) and QueryTracker. Writing specific proposals and query letters to each agent/publisher you’re seeking representation from takes enough time already. So, Duotrope’s specialized database with 15 different filters and sub-filters allows users to instantly cast a wide or narrow net in order to locate agents and publishers who would be the best fit. It has a streamlined interface that’s very user-friendly and easy to navigate. It has direct links to the agent/publisher’s website as well as information on a publication’s frequency, the genres, styles, topics and lengths they’re currently accepting, as well as the pay rate per word for accepted stories.

Midnight Publishing’s Duotrope Usage Tips

  • Familiarizing yourself with Duotrope’s criteria list is a great way to better understand the vetting process on Duotrope. Thus, you can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that these agents and markets are actively seeking authors/books, and are not vanity presses based on Duotrope’s stringent guidelines.
  • Consider those markets/agents labeled as “fledgling” for supporting an up-and-coming project. Duotrope categorizes new markets as “fledgling” for six months. They’ve either just published their first issue/book or are in the process of it.
  • Look for magazines that are part of professional organizations and associations. Such as the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SWFA), Historical Novel Society and Women’s Fiction Writers Association.

Duotrope is an incredible resource for agents and publishers, online magazines, and short-story publications. Most have impressive resumes and regularly submit their published works for numerous highly regarded awards. We believe Duotrope is the next great resource for authors to use to get their works out to the world.

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