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No matter how strong of a writer you may be, it is very important to hire an editor to review your manuscript before any publishing. The amount of unedited, unprofessional content that is self-published every year is at an all-time high. In order to make your work stand out and for an audience to trust your message, your book needs to be accurate, polished, and tight.

Our editing process is very much focused on helping the writer understand why certain changes were made. Our job is not to just make your manuscript as professional and polished as possible–it’s about helping you become a better writer by understanding the editing process and giving you an industry-driven perspective.


Check Out The 3 Ways We Edit:


This step is often for manuscripts that are very close to publication. We check for typos, spelling/punctuation errors, formatting mistakes, and other minor mechanical problems. It lightly cleans up the manuscript. Starts at $0.025 per word.

Arizona Editorial PricingHybrid Copy Editing:

This is our middle tier, and most popular, package. We’ve taken the most important and common problems that are found within both copy editing and content editing (content editing is usually a higher caliber editing than copy editing) and have created a hybrid of the two. A lot of this editing is “rules-based,” whether it be AP or Chicago Style to help make all representation of things like capitalization, numbering, punctuation, etc. consistent. Consistency is the law in the editorial world! But it also works on enhancing the story, readability, and flow.

  • Corrects spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and word usage, while preserving the meaning and voice of the original text
  • Ensuring tense change are consistent
  • Ensuring consistency (for example, if a character’s name changes or an event seems confusing)
  • Addresses story flow and sentence structure
  • Checking for or imposing a consistent style and format
  • Reorganizing paragraphs or chapters to improve the order in which the text is presented
  • Rewriting segments of text to improve readability and flow of information
  • Reading for overall clarity and sense on behalf of the target audience
  • Inquiring the author about apparent errors or inconsistencies
  • Addressing how to increase the visibility of “show vs. tell”
  • Noting permissions needed to publish copyrighted material
Starting at $0.040 per word. We also provide a 5-page consultation with the final edited version that addresses story flow, character, and plot development. A chapter-by-chapter evaluation can be provided for an additional fee.


Comprehensive or Developmental Editing:

This is our highest editing tier and is best for clients who need substantial rewriting or assistance finishing their manuscript. Usually, we come up with a personalized package for each client depending on the work involved with their manuscript, as every one differs. The developmental editor’s role is multifaceted but is less concerned with grammar and syntax than with the manuscript’s overall structure. Addresses such questions as:
Is the manuscript coherent? Who is the author’s audience? Are the ideas presented clearly? Does the material in Chapter 5 connect with what came before or after? Is the author using technical terms or jargon that may confuse the audience? And if so, how to make that transition more clear? The editor also addresses:
  • A range of tasks from the copy editing/content editing tier depending on how much work is already done on the manuscript
  • Working with the author to help hone in on and develop the initial concept, outline, or draft, if applicable
  • Making suggestions about content, organization, and presentation, based on analysis of competing works, beta readers, and editing process
  • Rewriting, writing, and researching as needed, and sometimes suggesting topics or providing information about topics for consideration to the author
Starting at $0.05 per word.


“The ultimate role of the editor is to help the author connect with the reader. A good editor enhances that connection, providing another eye and view for the author. Our editors are artists of language, grammar, and the mechanics that help a manuscript take the journey from ordinary to great.”