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Take a moment to imagine, after hours of work and effort, that you’ve finally finished your manuscript. It’s your baby, and you’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into it. Sometimes you may not realize grammatical errors, incorrect punctuation, or inconsistencies that are apparent in your writing. You may be the best writer in the world, but that’s completely different from being an editor.

On average, professional authors’ editors say that there are more than 1,000 mistakes in a manuscript — and that is from professional writers!

At some point during your writing process, you will need an editor to look at your book with fresh eyes. Editing a book means critically reviewing the manuscript, so your book achieves the highest level of connection with your ideal readers.

Presenting your book to a publisher (or self-publishing it) free from any errors is imperative to your credibility, success, and future opportunities. Our Arizona fiction and non-fiction editing services provide a second pair of eyes, and help bring your work to its highest potential with editing ranging from basic to extensive.

While you know your manuscript best, you have worked closely with it and may not be the best person to proofread it. We know how hard you’ve worked. That’s what you need a professional editor to check it out!

We will give your book the final check and polish, using an editing package chosen by you, all the while communicating and accepting your input. Remember—our edits are basically suggestions, explained thoroughly to display how they can better your manuscript.

We work with punctuation, grammatical errors, spelling, fact-checking, paragraph and sentence structure, tense changes, typos, writing style mistakes, improper page numbering, sentence flow and structure, and more. We help you identify any weak points to result in a stronger, improved manuscript that reflects your creative process. You will always be in full control or your work while becoming a better writer at the same time.

We’ve worked with several authors on a range of manuscript subjects, including but not limited to the following:

Arizona Fiction & Nonfiction Editing Services

  • Spiritual/Influential

  • Motivational

  • Historical

  • Romance

  • Science Fiction

  • Legal

  • Self-help/leadership

  • Literary

  • Political

  • Travel

  • Women’s Inspirational

  • Meditation and Yoga

  • Music

  • Thriller/Mystery

  • Self-Help

You may ask… Why do I need an editor?

“When it comes to writing, it’s common for people to make mistakes. While some writers struggle with punctuation, others find it difficult to control being too ‘wordy.’ Still, some aren’t quite sure what to include…and what to leave out. The editing team at Midnight Publishing specializes in fixing mistakes, beautifying language, and transforming drafts into literary masterpieces.” – founder Lauren Wise