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The booming self-publishing market is saturated with work that is unpolished and unedited—thus making it appear unprofessional. Midnight Publishing recognized this issue early on and designed consultation services dedicated to helping authors self-publish the best possible version of their work. There are also dozens of “self-publishing” companies that do not represent themselves or their services in a clear or honest light, and after signing with these companies, many authors pay the price of poor design, distribution, customer support, and exposure.

Founder Lauren Wise spends a ton of time researching the new methods of publishing, talking with CEOs of publishers that range from hybrid to traditional to electronic, and compiles a hand-picked list every year of the best companies for Midnight Publishing authors to work with. These range from companies that require little investment to publish on the author’s end, to hybrid publishers, to a list of top literary agents for authors to pitch if they want to go the traditional publishing route.

Our goal is to make your book—and you as the author—stand out. Midnight Publishing’s self-publishing consultation enhances an author’s credibility in this over-saturated market.

During the consultation, we fill out an in-depth questionnaire about your book, audience, platforms, budget, schedule, expectations, and more. Afterwards, your consultant puts together a self-publishing program for you to easily execute on your own. We also help:

  • Evaluate your planned cover art and book
  • Connect you with trusted industry professionals, including cover artists, formatters, graphic designers, and more.
  • Provide in-depth evaluations of one to two self-publishing companies that are best suited to publish and distribute your book, in accordance with your available budget and schedule.
  • Answer questions about content, packaging, pricing, copyright, formatting, design – you get the picture.
  • Let us help publish your work!