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Whether it’s to create an audiobook, distribute it around the world or both, Findaway Voices is a recently launched company that can help self-publishers and hybrid publishers do just that. In the past few years, audiobooks have exploded in popularity, with advances in technology eradicating the tedious and bulky eight-CD-long book sets from the ’90s and early 2000s. Innovative companies like Audible, Scribd, and the iBooks store allow customers to listen to entire novels and nonfiction titles through the ease of an app, either with subscription memberships or purchased individually. As self-publishing services in e-books, print versions, and now audiobooks continues to expand, authors have demanded control and variety in what their collaborators bring to the table. Findaway Voices was launched with those cornerstones of author freedom and a high-quality product in mind, and their inventive take on audiobook creation for self-publishers is exceptional from what Midnight Publishing has seen so far.

What is Findaway Voices?

This audiobook production company and distributor offers several services to self-published authors, mainly the creation of audiobooks followed by a wide variety of distribution channels where the audiobook can be sold. Findaway Voices prides itself on several things according to its website:

  1. You retain all rights to your book indefinitely. Findaway Voices is not a publisher, therefore they are not purchasing any rights to your book in any capacity.
  2. Findaway Voices states that they do not require clients to sign any exclusivity agreements in order to use their service. You are free to sell your audiobooks through other distributors as well and on other platforms at all times.
  3. Findaway Voices boasts a global distribution network that includes Amazon, Apple, Google, Scribd, OverDrive (a digital platform commonly used by public libraries), and dozens more.
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How Does the Audiobook Creation Work?

After creating an account and beginning an in-progress project for the book you wish to work on, Findaway Voices provides you with a list of recommended narrators who have been chosen based on a series of preferences you send to them beforehand (the guide on how to do this will be discussed in next week’s post). Once you select your desired narrator based on their sample and any additional samples you’ve requested from them, they get to work and start submitting you their work through the Findaway Voices website (note—authors and narrators don’t have any personal contact; this may be a bother or concern to some authors, or if the narrator isn’t prompt in communication).

Once you’ve sent out any desired revisions and the audiobook is complete and up to necessary standards, it’s ready for distribution. Findaway Voices also handles this and has a long list of partner platforms that reach over 170 countries. There is pertinent tax information to give, as well as the way in which you’d like to be paid (straight into your account, wire transfer, etc.). Royalties are sent once a month in the method you’ve chosen and can be tracked through your personal account’s “payment” page.

What Makes this Service Different than Other Audiobook Producers and Distributors?

As opposed to other audiobook production companies like Amazon’s ACX that offer the option for authors to split the royalties with the narrators rather than to pay a set fee up front, narrators with Findaway Voices are paid hourly for their services, and all charge a different freelance rate based on experience and other factors. Additionally, ACX requires authors to sign an exclusivity agreement to sell that audiobook only through that platform—which distributes to Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Thus, Findaway Voices is possibly the best choice for authors who: 1) have money set aside up front to pay their narrators, and 2) desire a wider range of distribution platforms.

Come back next week for our step-by-step guide to publishing your audiobook through Findaway Voices!

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