This year is a perfect opportunity for launching or reinvigorating a personal marketing campaign for your books and your author brand. Midnight Publishing has been collaborating with authors and entrepreneurs for almost 10 years. We provide professional editing, ghostwriting, and consulting services to help them navigate their publishing journey. Below are 20 of Midnight Publishing staff’s top tips for affordable ways to market your books this year. None of the options below cost more than a few hundred dollars at the most. 

Note: While several of the tips below are tailored toward self-published authors, many still apply for traditionally published authors. Many publishers expect their authors to have and maintain a robust platform and author brand on their own.

Read on for our author marketing tips, and contact Midnight Publishing’s expert editors and publishing consultants any time to discuss your own book and see how we can help your author journey in 2020!

 19 Affordable Author Marketing Tips

1. Don’t Overload Yourself

Pick one or two social media platforms and stick to them.

2. Understand Platforms and Their Audiences and Choose Accordingly

Generally speaking, Instagram and YouTube are great for millennials, Twitter for Generation X, Snapchat and TikTok for Generation Z, Facebook for Baby Boomers, and LinkedIn for nonfiction/professional and academic writing.

author marketing tips - social media

3. Maintain a Website and Keep its Content Updated

Regularly add new writing content, updates on book signings and WIPs, and specials/giveaways—and if you don’t have one, build one (or hire someone to).

4. Write Blog Posts

We recommend doing it at least once a week, however, once every two weeks works too.This maintains your site’s organic SEO and shows readers that you’re present and relevant.

5. Pay $5/month (or $50 a year) for a Duotrope Subscription and Submit New Work to Publications

Research fiction and/or nonfiction publications to submit work to get published in. This widens your audience net and builds your credibility and backlist as a writer.

6. Create a Sales Funnel on Your Website

Give away a free e-book/PDF to every person who signs up for your newsletter, before encouraging them to purchase your paid work.

7. Publish Relevant Newsletters Monthly

Ideas for useful content include upcoming events you’ll be attending, helpful outbound link