Best Places to Visit in Arizona to Find Inspiration for Your Novel

Last week on the Midnight Publishing blog, we discussed some of the best places in Phoenix to go and work on your book (did you check out Lux Café in downtown? They’re one of our favorites. Find the entire post here!).

However, we felt it would be helpful to our fellow Phoenician writers to share places throughout the state that promise to spark that inspiration—and maybe even give you the tranquility and time you need to finish that novel!

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Here are some of Midnight Publishing’s recommended Arizona destinations for inspiration:


This world-famous destination is known for its red rocks, gorgeous mountain views, and … well, the “energy” surrounding the area. Even if you’re not into a New Age-style exploration, there are several coffee/tea shops to get some great writing done (Trailhead Tea and Java Love Café Coffee Roasters come highly recommend on Yelp), and tons of hikes that offer breathtaking views and a lack of the internet—perfect for concentration. Sedona’s temperate climate makes it a great place to go nearly year-round to get that word count up.


With a reputation for being a “hippie/granola” paradise, Flagstaff is mountainous, green, and changes with the seasons (a rarity for other parts in Arizona). Check out the downtown area near Northern Arizona University for some coffee shops and restaurants with charm—Macy’s European Coffee House & Bakery and Firecreek Coffee Co. are local favorites—and consider finding an inexpensive room or apartment to stay in through Not only is a great way to stay cheaply, but you may make connections with other artistic individuals who’ll give great tips on what areas of Flagstaff will ignite those creative flames!

Antelope Canyon

Close to the upper border of Arizona, Antelope Canyon is flat, brown and desolate (at first)—perfect for the writer who needs to disengage from social media, technology or any other distractions preventing that book from being completed. There is so much more than meets the eye; however, you certainly can’t judge this book by its cover (oh, look! We made a little pun). Schedule an Antelope Canyon Tour with one of the company’s local Native American/Navajo gui