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With the rise of e-books and portable reading devices, many websites have launched in the last few years with one goal in mind: sharing discounted e-book deals to their newsletter subscribers. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that BookBub is widely revered as the most well-known and successful of these subscriber lists, but it’s also incredibly competitive and expensive for authors trying to secure a spot on their daily list (a promotion with BookBub can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars based on your chosen genre and the cost of your discounted book that day). Authors need not fear, however—there are plenty of other newsletter subscription lists for book lovers, and while their reader lists might not be as large, they’re constantly growing. One of these newsletter subscriber lists is Book Cave, a website dedicated to providing free and discounted e-books to readers since June 2015. Book Cave’s subscription system is simple: readers go to their website, sign up for daily newsletters, choose the genres and other preferences (violence, profanity, “heat” rating) they’re interested in, and begin receiving Book Cave’s recommendations.   

Why Promote Your Books on Book Cave?

Book Cave has a streamlined, visually appealing website that immediately draws readers in and builds trust with the readers’ expectations for a level of quality found in the books that will be recommended by the website. As of summer 2018, Book Cave boasts over 41,000 newsletter subscribers and more than 132,000 social media followers on their various platforms. They currently have 103,215 followers on Facebook and 22,400 followers on Twitter, and post daily deals to both of those platforms as well as through their newsletter.

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How the Book Cave Promotion Process Works

First, you make an author profile and submit your upcoming discount information through their website. You share the dates of discount, which retailers it will be occurring on, and answer their multiple-choice questions about content so that your e-book promotion will be shared with the best readers. After submission, Book Cave’s team reviews your book and assigns it with their custom content rating. If the book is chosen for their promotional feature, all you need to do is make sure the book is discounted on the agreed-upon dates!

How Much Does It Cost to Promote with Book Cave?

Book Cave is refreshingly inexpensive to promote with. With prices that range from $18 to $25 per promotion depending on the discounted price and genre, Book Cave is budget-friendly and an easy marketing tool when you have a new release coming up or want to try and increase your sales by reaching a new market. Book Cave’s largest subscriber lists are in their free novella, mystery/suspense, contemporary romance, and action/adventure categories, but they accept submissions from several dozen other genres including non-fiction and children’s books.

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