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Writing is hard work. Midnight Publishing’s editors and writers are acutely aware of this fact, having written many books ourselves as well as collaborating with authors in all stages of the editing and querying/publishing process. As it can be with all things, even something you love as much as writing can become a chore or a source of stress when you’re on a deadline, just received a negative reader review or are discussing an overhaul of an existing draft with your editor that will require hours and hours of rewrites. That’s why “treating ourselves” is important—finding delight and contentment in experiences and items that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, reminding us that we do love books, we do love the writing process, and that joy can still be found in this source of inspiration that first put our pen to paper (or fingers to keys). Below are some of Midnight Publishing staff’s favorite book-themed items for treating ourselves, and we recommend turning to them regularly to stave off the “writer blues” and stay fresh and creative:

Top Book-Themed Items to Keep You Inspired

1. Mugs Geared Especially Toward Writers and Readers

Ah, mugs. Whether you’re sipping tea or coffee or whatever or something, ahem, stronger from them, cute mugs with inspirational quotes, images or designs can be a cheerful and habitual part of your daily routine, providing respite when you’ve stepped away from your computer for a break or a source of warmth and deliciousness as you recline under a blanket with a book in hand. Some of our favorite mugs include those found on Etsy with book quotes or witty sayings (like this one!), or Amazon’s Harry Potter “heat-revealing” Patronus mugs.

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2. Book-Themed Artwork

Etsy is the perfect choice for another inspirational item: artwork. Thousands of options abound on this website where handmade goods and one-of-a-kind items are sold, many of which are geared toward book lovers and writers. We were immediately drawn to this gold foil art print with a poignant quote from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Another shop called Weeping Prose offers printed quotes ranging from Ernest Hemingway to C.S. Lewis, and this Buzzfeed article is dedicated to sharing a wide range of book-inspired and reader-oriented artwork.

3. Beautiful Notebooks and Writing Utensils

For many artists, it’s about the tools they use to get the job done. Eye-catching notebooks in nice colors and materials and high-quality pens or pencils can allow you to step away from the computer screen and write in nature, or jot down an idea that comes to you before it flits away. A personal favorite of our staff, this vegan/faux leather notebook has several cover designs, is refillable, and can be found on Amazon for less than $25. When it comes to writing utensils, Best Products provided their list of the best pens in 2018 and awarded the top spot to this uni-ball Jetstream pack of three (less than $10!).

4. Book-Inspired Clothing

Inspirational book material doesn’t just have to be read or placed on a wall; you can also wear it! Clothing and wares shop Out of Print offers T-shifts, relaxed fit tees, sweatshirts, and more for adults and children with lots of different images including popular book covers and sayings.

If you want to “treat” your readers with an impeccably edited book, contact Midnight Publishing to get in touch with our professional staff of expert editors, writers and marketers. We have been working with authors and entrepreneurs throughout Phoenix, Arizona and around the globe, and can’t wait to hear about your book project and the ways we can help!