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At the time of this writing, Midnight Publishing’s staff was approximately two days away from the start of 2017—and we couldn’t get there fast enough. In the last few days of 2016, we’ve lost three of the largest names in show business, music, and the performing arts in general: the infamous Debbie Reynolds, her incredibly talented daughter Carrie Fisher, and the boundaries-pushing musical performer George Michael. And this was just in the last week of December! Other memorable performers to leave us in 2016 include Prince, David Bowie and Alan Rickman—all individuals who’ve inspired us, made us laugh, brought tears to our eyes, and in some cases left the world in a more understanding, compassionate state through their personal creativity and courage.

Why do celebrity deaths impact the general public so much? The staff here at Midnight Publishing believes it is because artists; writers, singers, performers, actors and all facets in between, touch a place in the human heart that goes beyond simply reading a book, listening to a song, or viewing a movie. Creating art is transcendent, and those people who are brave enough to do so and share it with others are forging a connection in our hearts, minds, and souls that are unending and unbreakable (even after death).

Which is why Midnight Publishing wants to encourage you to create your own art. Now. Today. This week, month, or year. However long it may take, if you have a dream to see your words on the page, your book on the shelf, your inspirational story in someone’s hand, you must pursue it and pursue it with passion. Still need more convincing? Here we go:

1. When You Create, You Touch Lives

It’s obvious through these performers’ deaths that one of the most tangible ways to touch a few or many is through the written word, performances, art, and music. If you have a message bursting to be shared; whether it be a science fiction saga, a spiritually themed cookbook, a non-fiction memoir, or a how-to guide, contact Midnight Publishing to begin the journey to publishing today. Don’t rob your readers of the chance to enjoy, learn from and benefit from your ideas and your prose.

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2. The Publishing Industry Has Never Been Easier to Navigate

Since 2012, the publishing industry (and specifically the self-publishing and hybrid publishing industries) have been morphing, changing, and widening the gates for aspiring authors everywhere. E-books, paperbacks, and even hardcover books can be designed and printed for the self-publishing author, with a print-on-demand program saving authors thousands of dollars from upfront printing costs. Midnight Publishing is an editing, ghostwriting, and marketing company that can help you to write, organize, edit, and prepare your book for publication in any method you desire; whether it’s traditionally by querying agents and publishing houses, a hybrid model where we’d help you to get in touch with an independent and/or small press for possible representation and publication, or with self-publishing through Kindle Direct Publishing, CreateSpace, Lightning Source, and more. Contact us today to discuss getting you set up and on your way to a book published in 2017!

3. The Time is Now

Finally, if there’s anything we can all gather from the numerous losses this year amongst the performance community, it’s that time is not infinite. We don’t know what the future holds, and we don’t know how long we might have to write and publish our ideas. And instead of viewing this fact in a morbid light, Midnight Publishing hopes that it will encourage and increase every aspiring author’s motivation regarding dreams of publication. Your words should be read in 2017, allow Midnight Publishing to get you there through our award-winning editors, writers, and marketers to set you on the fast track to a flourishing author career.

Contact us today to discuss the type of editing, writing, or a combination of both that your book project may need, and we can get you scheduled! Midnight Publishing has been trusted with over five million years since opening our doors, and we’d love to show you why!