What type of books do you work on?

We have worked on over 65 fiction books and over 50 non-fiction books.

Here’s a full list of what we work on:

Non-Fiction: Business, Self-Improvement, Cookbooks, Memoir, Autobiography, Health/Lifestyle, Christian, Spiritual, Professional Training Guides, Textbooks, Dissertations, Poetry

Fiction: Chick Lit, Young Adult, Thriller/Mystery, Contemporary Fiction, New Adult, Literary Fiction, Edgy/Dark Fiction, Historical, Children’s, Romance, Fantasy/Scifi

Why do I need an editor?

When it comes to writing, it’s common for people to make mistakes. While some writers struggle with punctuation, others find it difficult to control being too “wordy.” Still, some aren’t quite sure what to include… and what to leave out.

The editing team at Midnight Publishing specializes in fixing mistakes, beautifying language, and transforming drafts into literary masterpieces. If you are looking to publish your book out into the world, readers and the industry will know instantly if your book has been edited within the first few pages.

Why Should I Hire Midnight Publishing as My Editor?

We are award-winning, certified editorial professionals that have worked in book publishing and editorial for a combined 20 years. We have enough experience to have a deep understanding and respect for the traditional editing and publishing structure, but as current professionals in the ever-evolving publishing world, we are knowledgeable about the current market, are Chicago-certified editors, and keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry.

Plus… we are insanely passionate about books, writing, reading, and editing.

Is There a Difference Between a Ghost Writer and a Co-Writer?

A co-writer is given credit, and both authors work in dual time. An exchange of the idea, content, and design happens on a regular basis until the work is complete. However, a ghostwriter does most or all of the work. Even so, I ask for credit in the form of “editor” or “content services” to at least strengthen my accolades as a writer.

How Does the Ghostwriting Process Work?

Please see our Ghostwriting section under our Services Page or click HERE.

How Does the Editing Process Work?

We like to work in the way that is most comfortable for our clients, but generally, here are the steps.

  1. You submit a part of your manuscript for a sample review and complimentary edit.
  2. You review the edit, then review and sign a contract with us if you wish to move forward with the editing process.
  3. We plan out a timeline together, and you submit your entire manuscript to the editor.
  4. We keep you up to date with weekly updates on the editing process, asking any pertinent questions or sending suggestions your way.
  5. We return your edited manuscript to you with two versions: one showing track changes, comments, and input on why changes were made and how things can be taken to the next level, and one as a clean edit for you to read through.
  6. You read through the edits, ask us any questions you need to, a