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by Suzanne Nemec, 2017 Best Book Awards Finalist in the Fiction: New Age category

S.L.E.D.: The Serendipitous Life of Dr. Edward Diethrich

by Dr. Edward Diethrich, founder of the Arizona Heart Association

The Charismatics

by Ashley R. Carlson, Winner of Self-Publishing Reviews Grand Prize and First Place in Fiction!

A Survivor’s Celebration of Life Beyond Domestic Violence

by Tahirah Olgetree, actress, filmmaker, director, model, inspirational speaker.


by Helen Bell

HOPE by Helen Bell - testimonial for midnight publishing

They Must Not Know Who I Think I Am: Lessons in Defiant Resilience

by American actor/screenwriter Michael Genet

God, You, and Ruby Red Shoes

by Sherry-Marie Perguson

Let Justice Rain

by E.J. Carver

And Then God Made Chocolate

by Sherry-Marie Perguson

From Innocence to Mafia

by Alex Pedrin

Rediscovering Your Divine Music

by Scott Leuthold

A Patient’s Guide to Skin Cancer: What You Need to Know

by Dr. Burrell H. Wolk, M.D.**
Skin and Cancer Center of Arizona

The Space Within

by Hunter Sparrow

Crimson Changes

by Jocelyn Ross

Masterless Warrior

by Tom Kelly

Fire Service Labor Management Relations: A Practitioner’s Guide

by Bryan Jeffries – President/Captain at Mesa Fire Fighters


by Christie Boers

The Diamond Deception

by Mike Gallagher

Lousy Bosses

by Diane Gerdes and Jeff Sutherlin

Grab The Ball and Run: A Game With Four Quarters

by Jim McCormick

Samara's Story

by Samara Nixen-Wexler

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Faith, Family, Friends, and Fried Chicken Series

by Sherry-Marie Perguson

It’s Not About Putting Your Foot Behind Your Ear: An Inspiring Journey of Transformation Through Yoga

by Sophia Paul


by R. Jill Maxwell

Jerusalem Blues Band

by Mike G. Murphy

Southern & Sassy With a Side of Faith

by Sherrie-Marie Perguson