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Midnight Publishing’s Featured Published Authors

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Crossing All Boundaries

by Suzanne Nemec, 2017 Best Book Awards Finalist in the Fiction: New Age category

S.L.E.D.: The Serendipitous Life of Dr. Edward Diethrich

by Dr. Edward Diethrich, founder of the Arizona Heart Association

The Charismatics

by Ashley R. Carlson, Winner of Self-Publishing Reviews Grand Prize and First Place in Fiction!

A Survivor’s Celebration of Life Beyond Domestic Violence

by Tahirah Olgetree, actress, filmmaker, director, model, inspirational speaker.

And Then God Made Chocolate

by Sherry-Marie Perguson

God, You, and Ruby Red Shoes

by Sherry-Marie Perguson


by R. Jill Maxwell

From Innocence to Mafia

by Alex Pedrin

Rediscovering Your Divine Music

by Scott Leuthold

Masterless Warrior

by Tom Kelly

A Patient’s Guide to Skin Cancer: What You Need to Know

by Dr. Burrell H. Wolk, M.D.**
Skin and Cancer Center of Arizona

They Must Not Know Who I Think I Am: Lessons in Defiant Resilience

by American actor/screenwriter Michael Genet

Let Justice Rain

by E.J. Carver

The Space Within

by Hunter Sparrow


by Christie Boers

Lousy Bosses

by Diane Gerdes and Jeff Sutherlin

Grab The Ball and Run: A Game With Four Quarters

by Jim McCormick

The Diamond Deception

by Mike Gallagher

Samara's Story

by Samara Nixen-Wexler

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Crimson Changes

by Jocelyn Ross

Fire Service Labor Management Relations: A Practitioner’s Guide

by Bryan Jeffries – President/Captain at Mesa Fire Fighters

It’s Not About Putting Your Foot Behind Your Ear: An Inspiring Journey of Transformation Through Yoga

by Sophia Paul

Jerusalem Blues Band

by Mike G. Murphy

Faith, Family, Friends, and Fried Chicken Series

by Sherry-Marie Perguson

Southern & Sassy With a Side of Faith

by Sherrie-Marie Perguson