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The start of a new year always brings with it the expectations, hopes, and plans for a more productive and successful version of you. Perhaps those hopes include finishing and publishing a book in 2018, but you’re just not sure how to go about doing that, or you’ve tried in the past and have yet to see the process all the way through. At Midnight Publishing, we’re a group of professional writers and editors with a lot of experience finishing manuscripts—so we know how difficult and intimidating the process can be on your own. We’re here to help in any way possible, and want to assure you that if you have dreams of completing that novel in 2018, want to unearth an old manuscript for another round of revisions before querying, or plan to self-publish the memoir you’ve always wanted to share, a few simple steps with our editors and writers will see you achieving them this year. Below are three of our best tips for ways to finish, polish, and publish that book in the next twelve months or less:

1. Schedule a Professional Critique With Our Industry Experts

This new year, Midnight Publishing is offering a huge discount on our manuscript critique and author coaching services (think 40 to 50 percent off our regular price!). Our Starry Skies package for $250 includes a full read-through of your manuscript with an in-depth critique of fiction topics like story structure, plot pacing, character/dialogue believability and world building, or for your nonfiction book, an examination of book structure, whether the material follows a cohesive and logical flow, ways to make it more compelling, and more (contact us to discuss word count guidelines). The Starry Skies package also includes a discussion on the various ways of publication (self-publishing, traditional publishing, hybrid, etc.), and a 25-minute one-on-one phone call to discuss the critique and any other questions the author may have about the publication process.

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2. Hire an Editor/Ghostwriter for Accountability and Expertise

Another fantastic option for completing, revising, and/or publishing your manuscript in 2018 would be to take advantage of Midnight Publishing’s additional discounted copy editing and copywriting packages—only available until February 1st, 2018! At 50 percent off, you can’t go wrong with these editing/writing services tailored to any needs you may have as an author or entrepreneur wanting to complete and publish a book. From fiction proofreading (the Shooting Star package), to copy editing of 50,000 words (the Full Moon package), to various business content writing and/or editing services (the Jingle Bells package, Santa’s Sleigh package or Christmas Spectacular package), this season we’re offering all of these packages with publishing and/or marketing consulting from our industry experts! Contact us to get scheduled today before these discounts are no longer available.

3. Join a Local Writers Group for Encouragement and a Variety of Personal Advice

One of the best ways to prime yourself for publication is getting plugged in with a group of local authors who are currently in the same (or very similar) situations as you might be with your manuscript. Whether it’s sharing personal experiences with various editors, agents, and publishers, query letter tips, providing beta reading to one another on the current draft of a manuscript, or just discussing the craft of writing itself over a coffee, writers groups can be monumental in keeping you motivated to refine and revise your book for publication in whichever method you feel is best for your writing career. The best ways to find writers groups are through local author Facebook pages, Meetup groups or via social media channels like Twitter and Instagram—or start one of your own!

Midnight Publishing has been working with author and entrepreneur clients for nearly a decade, assisting them in their pursuit of excellence for self-publishing, traditional publishing or anything in between. Get in touch with us for scheduling with one of our editing and/or writing experts who can help you take your book to new heights before publication! We’ve been trusted with over five million words so far—find out why today.