Guide to Hybrid Publishing in 2019: Publish Your Bestseller

Midnight Publishing has been assisting authors as a Phoenix book editor, ghostwriter, and publishing consultant for a decade. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge on hybrid publishing with writers who are considering the avenue for their own author career. In the past ten years we’ve worked with hundreds of bestselling and award-winning authors, many of whom have considered the newer avenue of hybrid publishing. So in order to best serve anyone interested in hybrid publishing, we created a guide to hybrid publishing in 2019.

This comprehensive, 50-page guide is available for an incredibly affordable price of $18.99 to all. (Interested in traditional publishingself-publishing or all 3 avenues? We have a guide for each, and the option to bundle all 3 guides and save!)

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Highlights from our Guide to Hybrid Publishing in 2019: Publish Your Bestseller

In our guide to hybrid publishing in 2019, we focus on the main areas of inquiry from authors. This includes what separates hybrid publishing from traditional publishing (and self-publishing) in terms of the author’s control, costs, and copyrights. We also discuss the pros/cons of pursuing this avenue over others. Some of the key points from our guide to hybrid publishing in 2019:

-In-depth details about what hybrid publishing is per industry standards and definitions, and the advantages of publishing with a reputable hybrid publisher over a traditional publisher or through self-publishing.

  • Typical guidelines from a hybrid publisher regarding retaining the rights to your work, expected profits and royalties (50-60 percent for paperbacks versus 10-15 percent with traditional publishers, for example), and your responsibilities as an author collaborating with your hybrid publisher.
  • The Independent Book Publishers Association’s (IBPA) 9-point list of criteria defining what it means to be a reputable hybrid publisher.
  • How these new IBPA regulations can help authors differentiate between reputable hybrid publishers and vanity presses/self-publishing companies that don’t offer the full range of services required to qualify.

Guide to Hybrid Publishing in 2019: Publish Your Bestseller

-How hybrid publishing can combine the best parts of traditional publishing and self-publishing for a personalized author experience.

  • Hybrid publishing can introduce authors to traditional distribution channels, editorial pipelines, and services from traditional publishing professionals. At the same time, it can provide authors with more creative control, higher royalties, and à la carte options.
  • The hybrid publishing business model, which includes an author’s financial contribution to the publication of their book (the typical and expected fees to cover the publisher’s editing services, formatting, cover design, etc.). On the other hand, the publisher is responsible for production, distribution and selling of your professional-quality books.

-Reasons to consider hybrid publishing as a viable option for your book’s publications.

  • If you’re unsure of how to find/reach your readers, don’t have an online presence or don’t like social media.
  • Are ready to financially invest in yourself as an author for the tradeoff of higher royalties (around 40 to 60 percent).
  • Are looking to educate yourself during the process and by way of the in-house team.
  • Want to keep some creative control (but can keep an open mind and accept input from the publishing professionals who assist you during the process).
  • Understand the challenges of getting into brick-and-mortar stores.

-Bonus features including “the myth about not paying to publish,” the different types of hybrid publishing, and a list of our recommended cover designers, consultants, print-on-demand services, and more.

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  • An in-depth look at the three best ways to publish in 2019: self-publishing, traditional publishing, and hybrid publishing. Which should you try your hand at, and why? What are your pros—and the harsh realities?
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