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In November 2018, a wildfire believed to be sparked by faulty powerlines swept through Paradise in Northern California, destroying a reported 13,631 homes and killing 86 people at the time of this writing. Thousands of people and animals have been displaced. They are suffering from burns, smoke inhalation, dehydration, shock, and other physical and emotional ailments. Several “tent cities” have sprung up in nearby Chico and other areas of Butte County as residents are forced to seek shelter. All this while attempting to reunite with other family members, friends, pets, and confirm whether they’ve lost their homes and all of their belongings. So how can you help with California fires?

The Camp Fire has officially been confirmed as the deadliest fire in California’s history, and will require years of rebuilding efforts and millions of dollars to recover and rehabilitate the town of Paradise and surrounding areas impacted.

How You Can Help with California Fires

There are numerous ways to help with the Camp Fire in North California. One resounding response from nonprofit organizations and on-the-ground volunteer groups is that the best way to show support as of late November 2018 is through monetary donations. In the coming months as rebuilding occurs and  no longer in a state of emergency, in-person volunteering will be an option for those impacted. (As of November 23, 2018 the Camp Fire is still not totally contained, but at a reported 95 percent of containment). To get set up for in-person volunteering, an organization called Caring Choices is accepting new volunteers in the coming months.

Organizations and Fundraisers Where You Can Donate

  1. 1. GoFundMe accounts for specific Northern California families, animal relief funds, and individuals. There are dozens of personalized campaigns launched by Paradise, CA residents and friends seeking support, all listed here. Additionally, our own Managing Editor Ashley R. Carlson started the Camp Fire Animal Relief Fund for general animal relief of Paradise’s domestic animals and wildlife victims, which can be supported here. To help with the California fires you can also check out TOPCats on the Ridge, Paradise County Animal Shelter through the Paradise Animal Shelter Helpers, Fieldhaven Feline Center and the North Valley Animal Disaster Group.
  1. American Red CrossThis news report on November 15, 2018 shared how volunteers for the American Red Cross have provided Paradise, CA residents more than 40,000 meals and 14,000 relief items, but need more funds to continue this support.
  1. United Way of Northern California’s NorCal Disaster Relief FundThis organization which provides grants to nonprofits, disaster relief, and other assistance to Butte County and additional towns in the area is accepting donations for Paradise, CA residents. Per their website: “UWNC is providing emergency cash grants to those who lost their homes; assisting non-profit partners in their provision of direct services to survivors, and providing help for survivors through other United Way activities and programs.”

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