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Are you an entrepreneur with a story to tell? A small business looking to redesign your brand and grow your customer base? An expert in your field, with lots of knowledge you want to share? Then Midnight Publishing’s discounted holiday editing and writing packages for businesses are perfect for you.

For nearly a decade, our award-winning professional writers and editors have been helping business owners and entrepreneurs grow their brands through specialized written copy, website design, publication-level manuals, newsletters, and more. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, but with a list of clients across the nation, Midnight Publishing is here to discuss how we can help you grow your business, reach new readers and customers worldwide, and bolster your entrepreneurial platform with professional, tailored content and editing assistance. Below are three of our most popular business holiday editing and writing packages, all at a 50 percent discount that you won’t find anywhere else:

1. The “Jingle Bells” Business Copy Package

This $250 editing and writing package for businesses includes:

  • A written critique of business websites, manuals, training guides, marketing materials, social media sites, brochures, and more for clarity, relevance, interest, and where to improve.
  • A 30-minute Q and A session to discuss critique’s suggestions in detail and how Midnight Publishing can best address business’s writing and editing needs with package’s five allotted hours for editing, writing, and revision.
  • Five hours spent editing existing material or writing content for your business.
  • Discounts on future services with us!
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2. The “Santa’s Sleigh” Proofread and Consultation Package

This $1,000 proofread and consultation package includes:

  • A professional-level proofread of up to 40,000 words of any training manual, manuscript, website, how-to book, etc. for proper grammar and punctuation usage, and to implement a particular style guide. Learn more about what Midnight Publishing’s proofreading tier includes on this page.
  • A personal consultation on how to better improve your website, business’s brand, and overall marketability with our public relations professionals and editor. Contact us to inquire about details, and to schedule your consultation!

3. The “Christmas Spectacular” Copy Edit and Copywriting Package

This $1,500 copy edit and copywriting package includes:

  • 10 hours of copywriting materials, ranging from website content and brochures to training materials, marketing copy and business proposals.
  • A professional-level copy edit of up to 50,000 words of content. Midnight Publishing’s copy edits include:
  1. The correcting of typos, punctuation, and other grammatical errors.
  2. Possible reorganizing of certain sections for cohesiveness and logicality.
  3. Identification and replacement of commonly used phrases and words for improved flow and clarity.
  4. Following a style guide for document formatting.

*Typically the “Christmas Spectacular” package can be expected to include a full website copy edit, as well as three additional materials of around 5 pages each. Contact Midnight Publishing for questions or clarifications!

Contact Midnight Publishing’s professional writers and editors today to talk about how we can help you grow your business and refresh your brand’s image! Whether it’s brochures, newsletters, website layout and content, training manuals or nonfiction books, Midnight Publishing is here to help every business owner expand their brand and present a polished platform to every customer.