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Last week, here at Midnight Publishing’s blog, we talked about the newest app to become a massive hit with millennials; Snapchat. We delved into what it is, how it got started, and why we recommend that authors (especially those who write in the Young Adult genre) consider the app as a way to connect to readers and fans. If you missed the first post and/or want to brush up once more on your Snapchat lingo, find our first post on Midnight Publishing’s blog archive here! Today we’re going to provide you with a “quick and dirty” way to set up your Snapchat account and discuss how to post content. Let’s get started:

How to Set Up and Use Your Snapchat Account

  1. Download the app on your phone. (There is no option for laptops or desktop computers, this is done solely via cell phones, which sets it apart from Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’re going to hit Sign Up and fill in your name, birthday, and email before creating a password. Then you’re going to choose your username, and Snapchat will tell you whether it’s already taken or not. Once you find one that’s available and select it, the username is permanent (though your display name can be changed whenever you want).
  3. Now that you have an account set up, you can go to the main profile page (where the yellow ghost is) and choose Add Friends. Snapchat will then have a list of all your phone’s contacts with Snapchats, and you can hit the +Add button to begin creating your Snapchat friends list. You can see which friends you’ve already amassed by clicking on the My Friends tab.
  4. Once you’ve got a list of friends, you can start Snapping! To begin, open the app or right-swipe (if you’re already in the app) to take you to the main photo/video option. Take a picture by hitting the large white circle at the bottom (for a video, hold your finger down). To add a filter, swipe right and choose from options like the temperature, the city, and your Bitmoji if you’ve created one. For more details on ways to use geofilters, lenses, and other options like face swap, find an in-depth guide here on Business Insider.
  5. When you’re ready to send the content out, hit the blue arrow button on the bottom right, which will bring you to your list of friends. Select who you’d like to send it to and checkmark their name on the right, and then hit the blue arrow on the bottom once more to send it to all selected friends or to your Story!
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More Info on the Snapchat Story

The Snapchat Story option provides you with the ability to show content to anyone who has added you as a friend (regardless of whether you’ve added them back). This is how people follow celebrities and public figures, after searching and adding that individual via their username, they can view whatever that person posts on their Story regardless of whether the celebrity has added the person as a friend or not.

Stories are nice because you can post viewable content to all your subscribers instead of having to select them one by one from your list of friends. All subscribers to your Story can view your content as many times as they want in a 24-hour period, so this is going to be the most effective way to reach out to readers and fans on a regular basis. You can post as many Snaps as you want to your Story, just keep in mind that they’ll be gone after a full day has passed.

Check back in with us next week for Midnight Publishing’s recommendations on what to post to entertain your readers and subscribers, and the faux pas to avoid when it comes to Snapchat. Also, contact us anytime to discuss your manuscript and book ideas; we are a staff of award-winning writers and editors based out of Phoenix, Arizona, and have been helping writers to become authors for nearly a decade. Locally and globally, we’ve been trusted with over five million words so far, find out why today.