At Midnight Publishing, we’re a team of editing and ghostwriting professionals who are constantly monitoring the publishing industry to better equip our author clients with marketing campaign strategies and successful author platforms. With the existence of self-publishing (and even in traditional publishing), it’s even more important to maintain a strong, branded social media presence that builds your readership, compels individuals to follow you, and is tailored to the millennials dominating digital forums today.

In this new and constantly evolving digital age, it’s important to grow your awareness regarding how to build your author platform and maintain millennials’ interest in you and your books—and what better way to do this than follow in the path of some of the most successful celebrities currently? Below are three of Midnight Publishing’s top tips regarding the strategies young celebrities are incorporating into their marketing activities to build interest, maintain a viewership, and most importantly; stay relevant every single day.

1. Be Seen

The number one rule regarding top celebrities like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid, and Justin Bieber is that they are constantly out and about, giving people the opportunity to see them, share information about them, and talk about them. Now, obviously as an author (and someone who probably doesn’t receive daily invitations to fashion shows and nightclub openings), this ability to “be seen” is going to pose more of a challenge. Don’t worry; we aren’t expecting you to go out every night to Old Town Scottsdale and ensure you’re photographed partying at Bottled Blonde, El Hefe, and The Mint. However, the concept can still apply: be actively searching for writing events, author signings, Changing Hands’ bookstore fundraisers, and local entrepreneur activities to attend and document for your followers. Post pictures and content from these events, write blog posts about who you met, and be seen with other authors (for extra points, tag them on Twitter and Instagram!) to create shareable content that your readers will love.

For a great example, Midnight Publishing’s very own head editor Ashley R. Carlson attended a local writing event (and posted about it!),