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2019 is fast approaching. A new twelve months is the perfect opportunity for authors to consider the question: how can you improve your writing in 2019? It’s the time to review where you can improve, and strengthen your self-editing, innovation and craft.

Midnight Publishing’s dedicated editors and ghostwriters are passionate about perfection of the written word. We always pursue ways to elevate our own creative pursuits—as well as those of our clients (contact us today about your book project!). We also believe there are a few tried-and-true methods that all writers should apply in 2019.

Here are four effective ways to improve your writing in 2019

  1. Read widely and frequently.

It’s no secret that the best way to learn about new forms of creation is to read a lot of books. Read in a variety of genres, styles, and point-of-views, and from diverse authors and characters. Read bestseller and indie titles, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Romance, Fantasy, Contemporary or Dystopian genres (among many others). Read from authors of all ages, ethnicities, and educations to offer a more varied understanding of the types of books that are popular. This also provides insight into the types of books you want to write and share.

  1. Join a book club and/or writers’ group.

Writing is in many ways a solitary endeavor. You can’t improve your writing in 2019 alone. It’s vital to seek comradery from other  readers and creators as you hone your craft and broaden your comprehension of this art form. There are dozens of book clubs and writers’ groups around Phoenix, Arizona and in your state to find likeminded individuals. Some of the best ways to find book clubs/writers’ groups in Arizona are through local bookstores like Changing Hands and the Poisoned Pen. You can also discover some via online social media networks like or Facebook groups.

  1. Practice new mediums like poetry, screenwriting or other art forms.

Writing can be viewed a lot like exercise—for the mind, that is. To improve your writing in 2019, you need to work it! The part of your brain in charge of creative writing is a muscle; that muscle needs two things to get more toned. That includes regular exercise and varied forms of exercise. The same practice “moves” will eventually lead your creative writing “muscles” to plateau—until you mix it up. Do this by reading widely and trying to write other genres, like poetry or screenwriting. Other creative endeavors like photography or painting will stretch your creative muscles, creating an overall healthy and vibrant creative life.

  1. Hire a professional Midnight Publishing editor or ghostwriter to collaborate with.

One of the most effective ways to improve your writing in 2019 is through personalized, collaborative discussion, and revision with a professional editor or ghostwriter. Midnight Publishing’s pros are trained and experienced in the field of writing for successful publication. Critique partners and beta readers can provide valuable feedback. But one of the best ways to pinpoint your areas of strength and weakness is by working with one of our dedicated professionals. They should be directly invested in your book project, helping to create and/or revise it into a publishable work you can be proud of.

Midnight Publishing is currently taking clients for 2019, and our award-winning staff of professionally trained editors and writers would love to discuss your manuscript, book writing and/or book publishing needs for the new year. Contact us today to tell us about how we can help, and learn why we’ve been trusted with over five million words and counting.