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It’s officially 2018, and with the new year comes the expectation for life betterment and successfully following through on your new year’s resolutions. Here at Midnight Publishing, we don’t want you to feel stressed, pressured or nervous about the idea of resolutions—they’re meant to encourage and inspire you, not to make you feel the weight of yours’ and the world’s expectations on your shoulders.

There are various tried-and-true methods for following through on resolutions, and turning those aspirations into habitual activities that change your life for the better. Midnight Publishing is a writing and editing company based out of Phoenix, Arizona, and our staff is passionate about emboldening clients not only in their writing dreams but all those ambitions we know will make you feel like a happier, more accomplished, productive version of yourself. Below are three techniques to apply to your resolutions in 2018 so you can make this year the best one yet:

1. Set Realistic Goals

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to become a NYT’s bestselling author in the next three months when you’re still looking for an agent to represent your manuscript, it’s time to rethink your expectations. Set yourself up for success by setting realistic—but still exciting and challenging—goals regarding your writing career, education, health and fitness endeavors, financial planning, relationships, and travel plans. There’s a reason you have to define these pursuits as “goals”—they’re things that require diligence, maximum effort, money, time and serious commitment. The goal itself might already be intimidating, so if you break it up into smaller, easily digestible bits, you have a much better chance of seeing it through to completion.

Below are two examples of realistic resolution goals that have been broken down into easily achievable steps:

-Turning a Hobby into a Business:

  1. Research successful competitors.
  2. Check out books on business planning from the library.
  3. Look into marketing, website-building, public relations, and how to spread the word about your business.
  4. File for an LLC or incorporated license.
  5. Open a business account and read about tax filing.
  6. Make connections with future clientele online and in person.
  7. Start small and budget accordingly, etc.

-Gaining Ten Pounds of Muscle:

  1. Figure out your budget for mealtime/gym training/exercise needs.
  2. Explore different ways of exercise to find out what you enjoy most and what fits in with your budget.
  3. Look into personal training to learn new moves and how to correctly and safely complete them.
  4. Invest in books for diet needs, adjusting for new proteins, fats, etc. for more achievable physical outcomes.
  5. Consider meeting with a nutritionist and/or dietician for a professionally based eating and fitness plan, etc.
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2. Use Incentives

Incentives are one of the best ways to stay on task with your resolutions, especially when they’re ones that don’t have much in the way of accountability. If your goal in 2018 is to lose weight, set aside $50 every paycheck for six months to buy a nice new wardrobe when you reach various milestones in your fitness goals. If you want to quit your current job and find something new by the end of the year, plan a little trip for the week after your anticipated quitting date so that you have something to look forward to.

3. Have an Accountability Partner

New year’s resolutions are best completed when you have someone beside you cheering you on and pushing you along when the excitement wears off. Make strategic plans with a friend, family member or a professional to keep you accountable and assist you in continuing to chip away at those goal milestones! A personal trainer can keep things fresh and effective for fitness goals, a therapist can provide support and healing for certain areas you want to work through, and one of Midnight Publishing’s editors/writers can help you finish and polish the book you’ve always wanted to publish.

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