Niche Writing Markets and Why You Should Consider Them

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By: Ashley R. Carlson, Head Editor

Dinosaur erotica.

Ever heard of it?

I hadn’t either, until my roommate pointed out an online article a few weeks ago detailing the latest e-book gone viral. She was doubled over in laughter, holding her phone out so that I could read.

“Dinosaur erotica…an eighteen-page e-book with over eighty-six reviews?!” I shouted, stunned and scanning through the rest of the sample. It was decent erotica, except that I couldn’t help wondering how the dinosaur’s razor-sharp claws might factor into the mix. (Find Christie Sims’ and AlaraBranwen’s “Taken by the T-Rex” here.)

Online publications like Jezebel, Buzzfeed, and even The Guardian have written about this “monster porn revolution”—and how it’s a great way to make money as an indie author. With the creation of self-publishing and its accessibility to anyone with a computer, internet connection and some sort of Word document, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that niche fiction genres are popping up in all kinds of online retailers. Before, niche romance and erotica authors had to conform to their publishers’ desired subject matter to get that coveted paperback on a bookstore’s shelves—now, readers can barely keep up with the ever-increasing “girl-on-centaur” and “boy-on-merman” creations going on sale daily.

What Niche Markets Seem to Be Selling the Best?

Obviously, romance/erotica niche markets have grown exponentially since the popularity of indie publishing, with tons of otherworldly couplings and exploratory S&M subject matter seeming to take the front-selling seat in niche erotica. Other niche markets include non-fiction surrounding nearly any topic you can imagine—gardening, marketing, pets, dating, and business are all markets that offer you the ability to narrow the subject matter down to something truly “niche,” like my quickly created examples of: “How to Teach Your Dog to Bring You Beers in Two Hours” or “How to Get a Date in One Day.” (See more ideas for popular niche indie markets here, on All Indie Writers.)

What to Avoid Regarding Niche Markets.

There are some things to keep in mind when considering a niche market in the genre of your choosing. Yes, Amazon is a giant company with millions of e-books in their database, so little things may slip through the cracks regarding the quality or subject matter. However, if you’re considering writing something that is taboo to the point of illegal, such as incestuous, pedophilic, abusive or other forms of extremely niche-type writing, proceed with caution. Those books do exist on Amazon and other retailers, but usually for a short time—when the retailer catches wind of something potentially illegal in your e-book or something that doesn’t conform to their Content Guidelines (sometimes ambiguous, “whatever is considered offensive” rules), it’s deleted, possibly without warning. See more experiences regarding these issues here at The Digital Reader.

Why You Should Consider Writing in a Niche Market

Aside from the possible removals of your books due to potentially “offensive” subject matter, if you pursue a niche market that doesn’t toe the line surrounding illegal material, you can have a lot of success and make a considerable amount of money. Why?

  1. Less competition! Both fiction and non-fiction markets are overly saturated with the “latest self-help” book or paranormal romance due to the ease of indie publishing. Why not target a smaller, specific audience who has no other option but to read your book on the matter?
  2. There’s a market for nearly everything (hence dinosaur erotica). If it’s something you find interesting and you have an informed or expert opinion on that subject matter, then there are bound to be others who want to know more as well.
  3. It allows your creativity to flourish. Ultimately, as a writer and artist, you feel the need to explore the world and your own imagination in a new way. Only you can write the words you feel driven to write, create the exact relationships you are drawn to create, and make your own personal mark on the publishing world. If you write it, they will come, so to speak.

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