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As the holidays approach, it’s important to find the perfect gift to give to the special people in your life. Thankfully, if one of those special individuals is an author, we have you covered. There are a plethora of options for Christmastime gift-giving that will make their “little writers’ hearts” beat with excitement.

Whether it’s an author friend you made through Twitter, a critique partner you want to thank for their years of valuable developmental insight, your spouse who’s written ten manuscripts and counting, or yourself (yes, you’re allowed to gift yourself this time of year!), the choices are endless for every author need and every budget. Below are some of Midnight Publishing’s favorite holiday gifts for authors, all vetted by our professional staff of editors and ghostwriters (so you know they’re useful).

Perfect Holiday Gifts the Writer in Your Life Will Love

1. Writing Utensils and Notebooks

Now before you get worried that these aren’t fancy enough, remember—the dedicated writer needs something to write with! Many authors still prefer the feel of a pen or pencil in their hands and the familiar surface of a fresh notebook page. Find unique pencil sets and journals at places like Urban Outfitters and Zazzle. You can even order personalized ones through Etsy.

journal - perfect holiday gifts

2. Scrivener Softwarescrivener - perfect holiday gifts

This software program is a favorite with authors, as its flexibility and tailoring options for scene breakdowns and chapter itemization is perfect for keeping a manuscript organized. There are also tabs for character descriptions, plot points, and other details a writer must keep track of when writing. Scrivener offers a free trial of the program and costs $45 for either a Mac or PC.

3. Freewritefreewrite - perfect holiday gifts

This electronic typewriter offers a distraction-free writing space. Freewrite allows authors to work on their manuscripts with or without internet. It provides multiple ways to upload documents either through cloud connectivity (Dropbox, etc.) when logged into Wi-Fi or by connecting the device to your computer. Priced at $499, it’s not the cheapest gift available, but is still less than a nice computer and offers the writer in your life a truly productive experience.

Other Fun Holiday Gifts and Ideas for the Writer in Your Life:coffee mug - perfect holiday gifts

  • Coffee mugs, especially ones with author-specific sayings, book quotes, etc. Cute coffee/tea mugs can be found on Amazon, World Market, Pier 1 Imports, and Café Press.
  • Gift cards to bookstores, especially local ones. If you live in Phoenix, consider supporting local bookstore chain Changing Hands.
  • E-readers and tablets (writers need to read!)

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