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As 2016 comes to an end (and what an eventful one it has been!), you might already be deciding on some of your New Year’s resolutions to begin this year on the right foot. The editing and writing staff at Midnight Publishing wants to suggest that this year is the year you publish that book—and your first step to doing so is contacting us for a book consultation! Midnight Publishing is a Phoenix-based editing, ghostwriting and marketing company that’s been trusted with editing and writing over five million words since we opened our doors, so we are very good at what we do when it comes to publishing high-quality, award-winning prose. Below are three of the top reasons why we believe you should schedule a book consultation with our staff as your 2017 New Year’s resolution!

1. Midnight Publishing’s Staff is Extremely Familiar with the Publishing Industry and Will Guide You Every Step of the Way

Do you know what Amazon’s KDP program is? How about Lightning Source? Createspace? Are you familiar with how an e-book is made? What about a paperback book or hardcover? Midnight Publishing’s editors and writers are incredibly familiar with all of these facets of the self-publishing and traditional publishing industry. Our founder and CEO, Lauren Wise, has been in the business for nearly ten years, during which time she’s worked with companies like PetSmart and Make a Wish, as well as a slew of award-winning and bestselling authors (find our featured authors list here!). Instead of becoming overwhelmed or discouraged by the writing, editing, and publishing process, allow us to take the reins and prevent your book project from poor execution or a wrong turn.

Three Reasons to Schedule a Book Consultation with Midnight Publishing Today Share on X

2. Face-to-Face and/or Phone Consultations Can Help to Narrow Down Your Goals and Jumpstart the Project

We always hear from our writing and editing clients that a personal conversation to map out the desired scope of the project, author needs, and overall goals is the best way to get things in gear. Typically a book consultation will include a face-to-face and/or phone call with our CEO, Lauren Wise, and/or other members of our staff, like the award-winning author and Midnight Publishing’s Managing Editor, Ashley R. Carlson. An hour or more can be booked to discuss overall details such as time frame to the desired completion, genre, word count, specific needs, self-publishing versus traditional or hybrid publishing, budget needs, cover design, editing specifics, and so much more. Contact us to discuss scheduling a personal consultation today! (fees start at $50.00 USD per hour.)

3. We Give You a Definitive Timeline and Hold You Accountable

One of the most important facets to why you should schedule a book project consultation with Midnight Publishing is to further facilitate a deadline for yourself. When it comes to conceptualizing, writing or revising a book it’s often necessary to make connections with a team who will hold you accountable for the job! Think of us as your book’s “personal trainers”—we tell you when to show up, what steps need to be taken, and a detailed, structured schedule to achieve your book project’s goals in a timely manner.

There are so many other reasons to schedule your book project consultation with Midnight Publishing in 2017: the self-publishing and hybrid publishing industry are constantly providing opportunities for new authors, but with it comes the need for professional direction.

Perhaps you have a friend, spouse, or family member who’s always dreamed of writing a book, and just needs that extra push—our editing and writing services make wonderful gifts! Don’t hesitate to reach out to Midnight Publishing even through the holidays to discuss scheduling a book consultation. Our dream is to see your publishing dreams come true: make them happen by contacting us today.