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Last week we introduced the relatively new company making a splash in the audiobook creation and distribution game: Findaway Voices. I’m going to be upfront with you—I have yet to pursue an audiobook for any of the books in my YA fantasy series (I know; bad self-published author!). Why is that, you ask? For several reasons, honestly—I didn’t think there was a large enough market for it (wrong), I thought it was another costly expense in a self-publishing process that can already cost upwards of $1,000 a book (right—unless you split royalties with the narrator to forgo paying them upfront), and it seemed like an arduous, time-consuming process (right or wrong depending on several factors). As I researched Findaway Voices’ methods for audiobook production and distribution, however, I began to see the light on how easy—for the most part—it can be to create and self-publish your audiobook.

Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Publish Your Audiobook with Findaway Voices

1. Go to the Findaway Voices website and make an account.

2. Once in your account, create a new book project and answer questions about your book’s title, any narrator preferences (male or female, accents, etc.), emotional “tone” of the book, level of sexual material if any, pertinent information about main characters (personality traits, their backstory, etc.). Upload your manuscript and submit to the Findaway Voices staff for a list of recommended narrators.

**Narrators on Findaway Voices are paid per finished hour (PFH) of the audiobook’s length—and their rates vary. This isn’t how many hours they put into it, but the completed length of your audiobook. You can ask for a preferred hourly rate range beforehand, and try out Findaway Voice’s estimated total calculator here. A 100,000-word book with a PFH rate of $100/hour takes an estimated 11.1 hours and results in a $1,112 total cost.**

3. Within seven business days, Findaway Voices’ casting team will send you a list of their recommended narrators’ general vocal samples. At this point, you can choose someone outright, or request that your top contenders provide a three- to five-minute sample from your manuscript.

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4. After selecting your narrator, the creation begins! They will first send you a 15-minute sample, so that you can go over it and make any changes to flow, accent, style, etc. Once you’ve nailed down the style in which you want the book read, narrators can send their work in completed chapters, or as one audiobook file.

5. Once all of the audio is uploaded and submitted by your narrator to Findaway Voices, you have 10 days to approve it or request any edits.

6. When the audiobook is completed and ready for distribution, Findaway Voices calculates the audiobook’s total length for the total owed to the narrator. All payments are submitted through the website itself.

7. Once the audiobook has gone through Findaway Voices’ audiobook quality check (if any issues are found they address them with the narrator at no cost to you), it is ready for distribution. In your account, you will fill out your tax information, select your royalty payout method (direct deposit, physical check, wire transfer or PayPal), and input other necessary personal information.

8. Once you have selected your distribution channels, you fill out your book’s metadata (book blurb, keywords, author bio, etc.) for it to automatically populate in your chosen distribution channels’ fields.

9. Your audiobook goes up for sale! You’ll receive your royalties monthly (Findaway Voices states you’ll receive 80% of all royalties generated from each distributor) and can check impending and prior payments any time through your account. Any questions or concerns can be addressed with Findaway Voices’ responsive and helpful team, which can be reached at their email: .

If you have a book idea, finished manuscript or publishing questions and want a professional’s assistance, Midnight Publishing’s industry experts are here for you! Contact us anytime to discuss your needs and for a free editing sample, and look for our Industry Experts’ Guide to Publishing Your Bestseller (2018-2019 edition) out this summer!